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  1. I'd like to punch this guy in the throat^^^:cool:
  2. I agree... but what about I know what you did last summer:rolleyes:
  3. were not that kind of team;)
  4. sf gay area.. wheres oats at anyways
  5. Born Loser


    if you have nothing...you have nothing to lose
  6. I hope I Dont go back to slangin yayo - E-40
  7. I didnt mean to post it twice
  8. Gnaksta nip Trinitiy Garden Cartel Lord 3-2 early 90's
  9. fuck I've been on the hold with the phone company for 30 minutes already the said there could be a delay of up to 40 minutes..:mad2:
  10. I hold it down in River front park while I'm there:cool:
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