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  1. Re: Ask and thee will receive. movin on up
  2. wow this thread looks different..... NO MORE EURO TRASH!!! http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid57/p75c1c769b285a89f0a1e75acd12c53ea/fc695976.jpg'>
  3. I just shaved my beard off the other day.
  4. tomorrow morning I'm actually gettin a real bed, so i dont have to sleep on this annoing futton mat...YAY! later fuckwads
  5. that place is prolly a untapped resouece for markers and paint..get your boosty on
  6. whats he gonna internet slap you.. krie's the homie
  7. Born Loser


    I stay away from them they temd to just stick around
  8. Re: Re: Grind - The movie dood you know thats soooo me :rolleyes:
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