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  1. Cuz I'm motherfuckin gorgeous niggah
  2. hahha..I was feeling the song
  3. looks like I'm the first. <------------------------------------------
  4. wellI've had enuff Im going to try and sleep
  5. Prom in Canadahttp://www.scottmurray.com/images/FF%2099%20Team%20Photo.jpg'> http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/park/varner/cowboy.jpg'>
  6. sometimes smaller is better
  7. you see that cock suckers.I had my name on the entire page for last posted...BOOYAH:) :king:
  8. I'll give you a couple of home made FUCK OFFShttp://www.smiley.de/smileys/evil031.gif'>
  9. Born Loser


    I just lowered my bike a few more inches
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