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  1. seb_two

    Computer graff

    well i don't see it that way at all, you say the computer does most of the work? i wouldnt say that, it takes a good amount of time and skill to put together a good photoshop piece, you don't just hit the "extrude button", and using a filter usually fucks it up, coming off with the amount of detail emit was doing plus the background, i'd say minimum of an hour of work, not counting the time it took to sketch and scan the peice... not trying to contradict either...
  2. seb_two

    Computer graff

    i don't mean to be an asshole with my short and to the point posts, but feel free to think for yourself, not directed at anyone in particular...
  3. seb_two

    Computer graff

    nah in the other post they where all negetive posts, now everyone is "i like photoshop, but i just don't like it when niggas flaunt it..."
  4. seb_two

    Computer graff

    everyone is so open minded about this topic since emit showed up, quit ridin his dick christ
  5. with pen? come on i used pen too ah nevermind its hard to see against the lined paper maybe i'll finish it or somethin bah [This message has been edited by seb_two (edited 09-19-2001).]
  6. http://server24.hypermart.net/newhampshire/Sebquick.jpg'> I ONLY wanted to spend 10 minutes on a quick sketch, heres some pen ish, if only i had a pencil.... sorry folks
  7. come on now, don't come off cocky, it's not bad, but still i have yet to receive an email. [This message has been edited by seb_two (edited 09-19-2001).]
  8. wow, someone who is laerning posts something that isn't that great and DOESN'T get trashed, thumbs up.
  9. hey i'm listening to the gas face, i beg to differ
  10. i'm not a pissed off ranting internet hater, just don't be so quick to call someone a biter you have no idea how much that pisses ME off personally, not a word i like thrown around i don't see any resemblance and this anonymous dude... you get the point.
  11. enlighten me seb_two@hotmail.com if you don't like my hotmail address cause they easy to make i'll give you my providers given addy. expose the truth.
  12. you know i try and do most of the time but sometimes i get the urge to try and change their ways, guess it's all in vein. -- where is this from?? Yo checkout the superb tech Cashin' checks through dialect Doper than the gold around your neck This is my manuscript to spit lyrics like fat spliffs I show the whole damn world my gift For Paris I'm speakin' upon Powerful just like a pod Positioned in the proper placement Focus like militant deep as concentrational caverns Devising secret plans on spitting atoms I verbalize Lust to bust Just as dangerous As watching Mt. Vesuvius erupt Corrupt a data disk From the super soul powered slums zion i, Planet Asia make it bump, bump I'm deep off in the trunk SWATS call it crunk The 15 inch whoofers make the beat go thump I dump clips of prose over ? goes The chillin' is killin' with the illest type flows
  13. thats pretty cool, i've been to shows but don't know either of them personally. you'll never catch me printing lyrics on my j-card without citing references. guess you must know where that came from too. [This message has been edited by seb_two (edited 09-19-2001).]
  14. oh i'm deffinatly open to the possibility of him having some skills, infact i really hope he does, that would be great, just saying i'm not getting my hopes up =
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