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  1. i was listenin to your show on 90.3 and i think its fuckin great.
  2. i heard that if u eat beets and the nshit it will be purple..........anybody find this out
  3. i dont think it would work so heres the link http://wolf.webcruiser.org/index.php?ref=194018
  4. x box how the fuck did u get five...o and 9
  5. saw it last night and its fuckin hillarious definitly worth the money
  6. im watchin the show and i jkeep waitin for it to get good or for some peopel to start wastin othewr people
  7. greedy mars i got a resturant around my parts named that too. where r u from
  8. drutagsalot


    hloy shit im lovin all your shit especially that second one. damn dude email me some more of that or sumthin
  9. drutagsalot

    pen and ink

    it was ther cake that got me
  10. someone should find these whinney bitches and castrate (sp?) them
  11. how bout a pimp smiley then...
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