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  1. "Now as i said we are not perfect. But all this....'it was a shame what happened but you americans deserved it' You don't see us laughing when shit happens to other people. You see us give money, resources, and the help of our business community and/or military. Private donations by US citizens to world charities dwarf most industrialized countries contributions to 3rd world causes. " America is only concerned with it's own affairs, you only give help if it is in your best interest. Debts owed to the US would dwarf most countries economies. Is that a cause or effect? there are many days in the year that many inncoent civilians around the world died, so why should september 11 be any different because they were americans.
  2. God bless those crazy germans.
  3. Briz_styles


    dude is ill as fuck!:king: :king:
  4. One of Brisbane's if not Australias finest. The proof is here in the pudding.
  5. The BORE special has made my week. Lets get this post hitting a century.
  6. http://home.no.net/raoolno/trains29.09.01/ph_tb.jpg'> My fave- posted by Europe some time ago now.
  7. Briz_styles

    Seen UA

    http://www.timeless-x.de/Specials/seen/70.jpg'> One of my favourites
  8. very respectable thread clue. Doing your home city proud!!!
  9. THE DAMET POST :king: :king: :king: :king: :king:
  10. the handstyles are nice nak. i think you will get better nak, so keep it up.
  11. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/briz_styles/Tag2.jpg'> ANOTHER ONE I FORGOT.
  12. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/briz_styles/Charm%204.jpg'> BLEDS WITH A CHARM CHARACTER "BIRTHDAY BASHIN"
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