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  1. some new oneliner type a deals i did. comments welcome. http://grindthieves.tripod.com/images/oneliners.gif'> WHIM.grindthieves.2oo1
  2. whospank - you dont HONESTLY think youre the first person to coin the phrase "is that a keg of beer in your pants cuz i wanna tap that ass", do you? wake up. its not an abandoned house. this guy j.p. lived there, it was a complete hell hole, on the verge of being condemened and consequently torn down, so he had some minneapolis writers do their thing. it was right on lyndale ave, one of the main drags for uptown minneapolis. yes, a couple of those works are from scribble. um, 98 i think. maybe 99.
  3. mOr... http://www.j3s.net/graf/geartr.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/muchtr2.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/rontr.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/redmbertr.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/watertr.jpg'> thats it for now. ladies and germicides...
  4. moar... (seccond one reads KUAZE) http://www.j3s.net/graf/dips.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/purple.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/marshall.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/finest.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/facetrain.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/warpttrain2.jpg'>
  5. moore... http://www.j3s.net/graf/cincy5.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/cincy7.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/sigbox1.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/barc_estacion.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/carrot.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/geisha.jpg'> [This message has been edited by the whim sickle one (edited 09-12-2001).]
  6. more... http://www.j3s.net/graf/seductress.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/media7.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/media8.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/blueface.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/jp2.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/jp4.jpg'>
  7. ...cuz i wanna tap that ass! various artists, doing various things, in various parts of the world. literally. enjoy. {all flicks borrowed, not stolen, from my friend j3s} http://www.j3s.net/graf/pose.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/tac.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/flex.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/inca.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/meta.jpg'> http://www.j3s.net/graf/abuse.jpg'>
  8. this is my first time posting my on work. this work is a couple weeks old. plan on painting it soon, would appreciate comments, criticism, advice prior to it... http://grindthieves.tripod.com/images/whim.gif'> WHIM.grindthieves.2oo1 hmmm... the picture doesnt seem to want to load all the time for some reason unknown to me. so, heres the url: http://grindthieves.tripod.com/images/whim.gif [This message has been edited by the whim sickle one (edited 09-11-2001).] [This message has been edited by the whim sickle one (edited 09-11-2001).]
  9. he may have mad-ups, but i gotta stand alone (it apears) here and say that i dont really feel much of his work at all.
  10. that pentacle in the lower left hand corner of the skore, shok, and wow123 prodo is unreal!
  11. content-wise : i dont care for any of them. skill-wise : dasm wins, hands dowwn, in my book.
  12. 12345 - youre a bright one, arent you? i prefer the completed piece, personally. i agree the in-progress flick colors work well and contrast nicely and all that jazz, but something just hits hard with the completed piece. but thats just me.
  13. not feeling the work on that first flick at all. diggin the ohno, tho.
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