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  1. dang i didnt know they bombed...those windows are tight...man i havent been downtown forever...oh well....did u catch all the erupto on broadway?
  2. haah bum goes here...classic
  3. ummm...why is she covering her nipples...totally defeating the purpose...lame she might as well be wearing a bra
  4. wow that vizie is one of the dopes peices ive seen of his...sorta newish looking. i cant wait or hope till they come back through kc like last year. wordism.
  5. damnit....figures something like that would happen to the USA. I just watched the first half, cause i had to work, and the USA had their fucking chances and kicked their asses. They also had two goals basicallly disallowed early on, the first was a foul on donavon also, but the goal was headed clear, nice play. But i gotta give it to the poles to take advantaged of jeff agoos, hes a peice of shit. As for the Korea/Portugal game, wow what a game. I just saw the last 10 minutes, it was amazing. I have a feeling that Korea didnt convert all those chances at the end becuase they werent in a diar situation. But hats of to the portuguese, those were some nice shots, and nice saves in the end. I'm gone for a week, who wants to tape the games for me?
  6. haha basically...i always come to the channel zero to be entertained and never make it even half way down the page...i found this thread searching for the boob appreciation page...bump for tits! and bump for team usa.
  7. ok what the hell....am i the only one on 12oz that is from america that likes soccer, or likes the US team...damn, i'll prolli be the only one to stay up and watch that shit. But yeah, those poles fucking suck...i saw their last game vs portugal and i was wondering if it was true that poles really are dumb, cuase they seemed really slow on the ball, and their play decisions were just retarded. Very predictible, hopefully the we can manhandle them...but knock on wood...mexico or italy will be a touch ass match. god where the hell have i been...a huge football fan, and i totally slept on this thread...damnit.
  8. hahahahahah....ummm...they still might qualify but yeah thats funny...yall are sleeping on the grand ol dukes of "soccer".USA. but yeah im just payin homage to my country....even though im half korean...but they are in the same pool. but i havent read the rest of the posts, so i will and then be back with my 2 cents. peace
  9. ummm....COUGH COUGH (bullshit)....this person should be banned...unless they are a girl...then maybe its believable...but then still, i still dont believe it.
  10. hahahaha...so true. but seriouslly, post some images up in the biyaeeya!
  11. WHERES THE FUCKING PICTURE!? post that shizzle yo!
  12. fire crotch

    weird movies

    i'd hafta agree on fear and loathing, and vanilla sky. Heres a few more: Trainspotting- good ass flick, bouts to watch it, yay! Where the Buffalo Roam- the first hunter S thompson movie i think, with bill murray as thompson Jesus' Son- about heroin and shit...jack blacks in it...good movie Kids- sorta fucked up 12 Monkeys ...i dont know, i'll think of more. oh yeah, Midnight Clear...fucked up war movie.
  13. hell yeah dude...thats a rad ass story...j turns and poison the well make it all worth while...even if you did get fondled by a mexican cop<--- thats fucked up yo.
  14. oh yes...sometimes i wanna smoke a few bowls just to jack off...aww its so great.but yeah last masturbation experience...prolli yesterday...to some internet porn...good times...tomorrow will be my 5 gigs of mpegs..hehe im worthless.
  15. word bro...you from kc? which att weekend are u talking about...the last one which was in august? that was pretty rad, EAST is a real nice guy and it was amazing seeing everyone paint one last time for the most part...im pissed i missed DASE. oh well, share some memories people if you got them, kc isnt really that beef infested city everyone thinks it is.:P
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