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  1. Yo Asic, quick question; If I'm such a worthless toy, why are you still talking shit about me several years later? Get a life.
  2. Just to clairfy, as I've said before; that's not me. As in, "Jed" is not "Jedd" (me) from end2end/northwestgraffiti. I don't know who that is or why he is using the alias "Jed" but it's not me. That's all. Oh.. and keep on talking Asic; in the last year I've bombed YOUR town more then you have in a decade. Go paint at your safe lil lay-up or just go get a life or something!? You really have no idea (still).
  3. Once again, you missed the point entirely. I was reminscing about the 'old days' when I WAS a retarded punk kid (with a mohawk, for some time) looonnnggg before you and I ever met. Like I told you, I've been doing this shit for well over a decade now. For once tho, I do have to agree with you about 'the man' and it's been many, MANY years since I ever had any of those naive ideals. Like I've said before, the only reason I do graffiti is to have fun. I don't care about all this egotistical bullshit and for good reason; graffiti IS just a game. It's a life for some, but not for me. Personally, both skateboarding and music are more a part of who I am. I guess that's why I don't feel obligated to stick to one name or bomb like crazy or paint EVERY day if I just don't feel like it!? I just don't understand why anyone else should give 2 shits about what I do with my graffiti? I've never ever said I was some amazing graffiti writer and I never would. You don't want me to be a part of your club? You want me out of your treehouse? Who's the fucking scenester now? Get over yourself. casensitive4: it's some stupid legal wall? what of it? it's not a free wall, if that's what you're wondering? it was all commissioned.
  4. Wow. See, THIS is what I'm talking about!? Now JW knows me too!? If you wanna give me shit for "jockin" fine. I don't care. I don't have any problem with giving people credit when credit is due. Since when has that ever been a bad thing? I've never tried to make friends thru graffiti, even when I had my site, because honestly most writers are semi-retarded juvenile deliquents with nothing better to do than huff paint and no real life outside of graffiti. Not that that is necessarily such a bad thing, just not the kind of people I wanna kick it with all the time. But I'd really like to know how you suddenly know me and know who I am and/or what I write/wrote? I'm not about to go and expose myself on here just so that I can get everyone off my back!? It was probably a mistake to ever use my real name on here, but I didn't foresee all of this happening. I think I'm done here for good. I miss the old days, before this forum and before all this internet BS. When I was in my own little world thinking that most writers were like me; punk kids just out having fun, going against the grain and causing trouble.. not constantly competing egotistical, copycat-morons. What fucking happened!? Better still, what happens next..?
  5. Yea thats cool.... There getting themselves caught up..Cops are on to that shit already, get over it....Cops know writers are on there cause writers decided to show their work on there to make the girls jizz Quoted post [/b] Nah, word to what Dkae said.. cuz I don't actually have a profile on there that shows my graffiti or even has it listed as an interest. I DO, however, have a name that's pretty uncommon, so now I'm kinda paranoid (I think I'm going to delete it right now in fact, just to be safe). Oh well, I don't use it much anyhow.. Regardless of what Asic says, I DO paint, quite often. I've done it for over 10 years now!? I change my name more then I should (because I don't really care about the fame as much as the fun) and I'm not the best, but I go out at LEAST a dozen times a month. Oh.. and I agree about the shittalking on here, that's why I rarely post anything! Everytime I do, no matter what I say, I gotta deal with that prick (FYI, him and his bullshit have a lot to do with the demise of my website, so you can thank him for that). My point is, I've never started shit with anyone on here, but I gotta stand up for myself when someone misrepresents me. I could care less if he said I was "emo" or whatever, but when he says I don't ever paint, well, he's just flat out making shit up!? That's childish and pathetic. Grow up already!? Anyhow, in order to vanquish SOME of the BS on here, I guess I'll have to change my login as well. So, that's it from me. Peace out.
  6. yeah, no shit. problem is, the whole scene here IS embarassing. i mean, honestly, this thread is a pretty accurate portrayal of how pathetic the seattle scene has become. i tried to help and i got more shit then anything. so much bullshit.. so much drama..? i'm not really surprised that most (MOST, not all) of the decent writers moved away years ago. there's still hope, but i'm certainly not counting on it. go on.. bring on the shit talk. you'll just be proving me right. Quoted post Don't you have some EMO girl on myspace you should be sweating right now? Stop talking about graffiti kid.........you don't even do it! Just die instead! Quoted post [/b] that's funny.. you seem to spend more time on myspace then me..? oh.. and you really have no idea what i'm writing or how often i write, so stop trying to bad mouth me? in fact, i'm 99% sure i go out more often then you.. and i KNOW i'm more up then you in seattle? i still don't get why you hate on me so much? you were pissed off at me for not having respect for you; why would you care if i'm such a toy? if the only reason you're painting is for respect, that's real sad.
  7. yeah, no shit. problem is, the whole scene here IS embarassing. i mean, honestly, this thread is a pretty accurate portrayal of how pathetic the seattle scene has become. i tried to help and i got more shit then anything. so much bullshit.. so much drama..? i'm not really surprised that most (MOST, not all) of the decent writers moved away years ago. there's still hope, but i'm certainly not counting on it. go on.. bring on the shit talk. you'll just be proving me right.
  8. Super stoked to see Sober AND Puzl back in town!? Hope y'all stay awhile. It made my night to stumble on some fresh Puzl shit in an alley in the U-dizzle!? Bump for Owl too. Thanks for visiting. Oh.. and, YO JDFEK(?) or, whatever.. stop stealing my flix..? They're old as shit?
  9. FOR THE RECORD.. I caught wind of someone saying I was 'talking shit' on here recently and I haven't been on in some time. Sure enough, someone else is using the nickname "Jed" and I just wanna say, that ain't me. Me as in, that guy Asic loves to hate (boo-hoo) and me the guy that brought y'all end2end:northwestgraffiti.com ... so, yeah. I'm not hatin tho, it doesn't look like he's trying to get me in trouble or anything. Perhaps it's just a coincidence? Either way, it ain't me. I just wanted to clear up that confusion. ..and people ask me why I stopped doing an internet graffiti site!? Feel free to continue wasting your time and talking shit.
  10. I never said that I WAS up a lot and I'm not about to go blabbing my alias, seeing as how I've been using my real name on the net for the past 5 years..? I'll tell you this much, I've got 100's of tags around the U, Downtown, CapHill and Fremont areas.. I had a couple freeway spots here recently.. in the last month or 2 I've probably busted half a dozen fill-ins and another dozen or more hollows. I was also rocking some stencils for a minute. Not a lot, but it's been years since you hit the streets like that.. and everyone knows it. Stick to your day yard. Oh.. and if you don't believe me, ask Chris or Kiloe.
  11. I know Asic as well and I also know most of the people in his OLD crew and I still know people that he still knows. That's the problem. The reason why I am so 'butt-hurt' and why it's so hard to drop is because HE won't drop it. This has been going on for YEARS now and I know he's still doing it. I have no idea why I'd be so important. If I'm really such a talentless toy, why is he still talking/thinking about me!? As for me starting this, if you'd just step back for a sec, you'd see that I posted nothing about him at all.. and he had to come on here talking shit again!? I'm not just gonna take it, I'm gonna speak my mind. And FYI, there's still a lot of other shit I could be saying, but I'm not and I won't.. Sorry for 'posting a book' again. I'm confident it shouldn't take you but an hour to finish reading this here. You'd think someone who spends the bulk of their time 'writing' could read as well. Maybe that's why so many graffiti writers spell their names wrong..? :P Oh.. and Asic.. stop trying to start drama between Kiloe and I. What, are we in high school again? Grow up already. Aren't you like pushing 30 now..? Sheesh.
  12. Just to make some things clear, I met Asic only a few times, briefly, probably a good 5 years ago now and we painted together once. We tried to go out another time, but we almost got caught (he was too scared to run, so he blocked me and we all had to hide). That pissed me off. Anyhow, we never really talked much at all, but while I was still doing my site, I started getting emails from all these people. People not even from this country (canucks), talking shit. Personal shit. Mostly, shit he didn't even know first hand, but shit he'd heard about me from others (like the whole 'emo vegan' thing.. which, BTW, I'm neither). That's a big reason the site doesn't exist anymore. I was sick of being in the spotlight. I don't know what I ever did to INITIALLY piss this guy off, but I do know that he's been a known shit talker for years. He even talks shit on his best friends.. and his crew!? I'm not gonna go into details, but rest assured, if you know this guy at all, chances are, he's probably talked plenty of shit TO you AND about YOU. Think about it.. Oh.. and as for me being a 'real' writer, lemme just say this; I might not be some all-city king, but there's a good chance you know my name if you live in the city. Asic really has no idea how talented or how up I am. He just makes this shit up and for some reason people believe him. That's pretty much all I have to say. Believe what you will. All this interent bullshit is going to ruin graffiti. Save the beef for the streets.
  13. Yo Asic.. get a life!? Fuck it. I posted plenty, but I'm over this. Grow up and die.
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