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  1. Can't believe you've been gone for 3 yrs already... Seems like just yesterday we were hanging out and joking around!!! I miss ya Mikey!!!!
  2. The top one I have never seen, the second one I have... ;)
  3. True Legends never die!!!! Rest in Peace Wayne, you will be missed!!!!
  4. Happy Birthday Mikey... I miss ya buddy!!!!
  5. Rest in Piece to the King of Style... King Kase2!!!! I'll never forget the times I was able to spend with you. Thanks for always being a cool ass homie!! You are going to be missed... I hope you are rocking that big train yard in the sky!!!
  6. Nice stories Klas... Jeff's mom passed away earlier this year. The last piece he did was a tribute piece to his mom on the train at Tuff City in Manhattan a few weeks ago... Rest in Piece Jeff, you will be missed by many!!!!
  7. Thanks for posting this I have been wanting to see it for awhile now but it's never been released on DVD... They did the whole car but left the IZ floater in the corner... talk about respect... :king: Houdini149... Such dope name!!!
  8. I always liked this one... A little trivia about this car for ya... This is the car going through the buff in Style Wars when they show a close up of the spray hitting the train... At that moment the "whole lotta love" in the bottom of the W is what's going through the buff... :D
  9. ^^^ There is 408 pages in this thread, go start at page 1 and when you get back to page 408 I'll bet you won't say that!!!!
  10. That is the truth!!! I have caught a few IN and Kill3 flicks on there but not that many and there are a lot of 70's pics on that site. Hell I think there are even more Vinny pics on there then IN flicks. As far as I know IN really only wrote for 2 years but he killed it those 2 years, just imagine if he had kept going... As far as IZ goes... He told me there was one year, I think from somewhere in 81 into 82, that he did "at least" 100 throw ups every night for an entire year.... Now you do the math on that!! Even if he only really did half that (which I would totally believe) it's still a shit load of throw ups!! And that is not including all the panel pieces and whole cars he did in that time span as well, not to mention the insides he rocked too!! And if that is not amazing enough to think about, think about the fact he had to get the supplies to do all of that damage!!! Iz the Wiz was pure and simply a graffiti machine. Maybe that's why one of his favorite songs was Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine", LOL!!! One thing's for sure... He is missed!!! :o
  11. I'm pretty sure Cey City did it for the Steppin' to the AM video... ;)
  12. Bump the IZ on the top row!!!! :king: This is a banger!!!! Never seen this flick before... Peep the TMB in the OD throw ups... That's a rare one!!! :D Another one I have never seen... Dopeness... :eek:
  13. It's not... There were pictures taken of it the same day as those pics above were taken and it was in BK...
  14. I think I can answer that for you Mike... FUCK YES!!!! You've been gone for 2 years but we all know True Legends never die!!!! I know you are bombing the big train yard in the sky looking down smiling right now!!! We miss ya!!! For those of you asking... Yes the IZ book is still in the works as well as the documentary film about his life. If all goes as planned we should be releasing both in 2012. We are working on a trailer for the film so be on the look out for that SOOOOON!!!! It's been a long time coming but will be worth the wait!!!
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