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  1. Yo Burzum. You have been putting in a lot of work, and get respect for it. For sure. But you gotta stop side busting! If someone has a spot, especially if it has been riding for years, you cant just add your work to it, or around it. No disrespect, at all. But people will take their spots back. Other than that, keep it up!
  2. bump ak and dues....true ma fuckin gs'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Floyd Street Taliban gettn up
  4. Jesus. Keep this shit private. Its not like you don't know how to get a hold of each other.. PS.. AK says what's up!
  5. eh yo juice posted that last comment you know how deep his hatin runs
  6. Yo Akae...poetry is for people that paint trains...let's keeps it street.
  7. 2501 those are some of the best pics so far! I have quite a few of those in my books.
  8. I cant believe that bothers you... I guess you are the only one who can do that? The only fame you ever got came from your big fucking mouth.(well that and the newspaper reporting when you got busted, quit graffiti(ohhh yeah) and then gave the police more info than 411) I guess thats what you have to do when you really never learn how to paint. Stop talking shit and do something bitch. Im gonna spatter your ass all over the fancy white computers you stand next to all day! Your a mark Post as many capped mines as you want. Its all part of the game. FSTK...
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