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  1. We norwegians have found other ways to amuse ourselves. Just last month these blackmetal kids broke into a morgue, cut a head of a body and brought it to a party. Now that's what i call entertainment! Offcourse the police caught them and the kid who planned it out had to go to jail for two years..the two other guys got off with like 300 hours of community service each.
  2. Cursive Red House Painters Sunny Day Realestate Les Thugs
  3. Yowza! Crazy..The part where they slice off her nipples is by far the worst..
  4. Allright. I'm back again. It was a shitty day, but I got out of it. I went to the psychiatrist and told him what I felt about the situation, and he sent me home and put me on some kind of program. Thanks to the guys who are giving me support! Rip, you are dumb. First of all where did you get that I don't have a job from? I got a job at a recordstore wich pays about twice as much AN HOUR as the military pays for a WHOLE DAY. So you better believe me that the military is not a good way to save up money.. It's great for you guys who like it in the army, I have absolutely no problem with that, but it's nothing for me..
  5. I know it's not gonna kill me, but it's such a waste of a fucking year! AND it gets 30+ below there during winter. Trust me you don't wanna be running around in the forrest at that time. Let alone sleeping in it...
  6. This dude up there obviously didn't...
  7. Fuck you! I'm not an american, so you don't have a choice wether or not you wanna go to the army. Dick.:yum:
  8. Tomorrow I'm taking a plane all the way up north in Norway, where it rarely gets over 14 degrees, to spend 12 fucking months in the military. The thought of spending that much time with that many stupid people makes me wanna kill myself. I sent half a dozen letters complaining and arguing trying to get out, but my reasons aren't "valid enough". Fuck that. This has beenis the hottest and best summer in my life! I haven't been happy in six years or so, but things are going the other way at the time. If I stay here that is..I found a great house wich I'm moving into with a coupple of friends, I'm this far from geting a girl, my band is going great, I'm losing money from not working offcourse (the army pays 100 crowns a day, wich is about $10), and all this would go straight down the drain if I'm sent up there. Why the fuck do they have to train me to kill people?! Call me a fucking hippie if you want, but thats just not right. So my plan is to go straight to the psychiatrist(sp?) and tell him all this shit, and hopefully he'll send me straight back home to happiness. And if that doesn't work, I'll just run the fuck outta there! Give me me some uplifting comments!
  9. Bah. Ska rules. Too many bands mix ska and punk, making it sound sucky. Mad Caddies is surely one of the bands that pulls it off without a doubt. Bosstones aswell. I think that you should seperate ska and punk when making music. Ska is happy, punk's not. Fuck people should listen to more ska! Slackers, Specials (2-tone maybe..), Skanksters etc. I could go on forever....
  10. I could mention Mad Caddies, but I'm not sure if they're what you're looking for..They mix ska and punk, with the whole trumpet and trombone thingy going on. It's really good, so if you're into punk you should check the out.
  11. ^It's the lips..Yes sir, it's the lips.
  12. Yes, and so is this: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/buildingbig/wonder/structure/images/Akashi2_bridge_1.jpg'> Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
  13. I'd like to share my facsination of bridges. This is the first railroad bridge to be built over the mississippi river: http://www.picturehistory.com/images/products/1/3/6/prod_13646.jpg'> The bridge was built i April 1856. I will now continue to post some pictures of other nice bridges. http://www.mt.net/~rojomo/images/bridges.jpg'> http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/buildingbig/wonder/structure/images/brooklyn2_bridge_1.jpg'> Brooklyn Bridge http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/buildingbig/images/bridge/basics/goldengate_bridge_1.jpg'> Golden Gate http://www.europeanphotoalbum.com/nightbridge.jpg'> Tower bridge. *edit=I'm dumb.
  14. Good pictures! I like the first skater-one.
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