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  1. yeah word props ivo for this new thread..sorry about the comment i posted before (which i now deleted)..I was being a bitch and was in a bad mood haha..Roske rocks dope panels let me tell ya' that! hahah..show us more roske steel :) rock on..xmas 2001..big ups:beat: :loopy: :mexican: :scramble:
  2. haha oi IVO, gice credits where they're due mate! PEOPLES LISTEN UP: the PHAL-SENSA panels where stolen from a site called Vandal Front and the Jiesk panels stolen the the Jiesk site right HERE .... G I V E C R E D I T S I V O . . . . :D
  3. bump YEAH IVO CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW POST IVO!! :D Lets see more Tues, Dorps, Pubes, Seiko and Damet ;) and of course more ivo shit ;) cheers..hey ProblemChild, update ya site!
  4. Bump for the post smeoo.... i seen some of ya bombings around the city..gotta be lovin it bro... peace:dazed:
  5. Nice post bro! I really like Tues' style! Plus he's a really clean painter! greenline.sydney.australia
  6. man you're worse than a toy, changing your name all the time http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//wink.gif'> hahah just kidding bro....speak to ya soon..
  7. once again ivo, great post! luuuurrvin' it!!!! greenline.sydney.austraaalia
  8. loving it emit!! I'm slowly getting better at that photoshop stuff! when I think I'm good enough I'll post some shit http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//smile.gif'> greenline.sydney.australia
  9. word..keep rocking shit white, I'm really feeling it!
  10. BUMPITY BUMP BUMP BUMP!! ------ IVO IS EASILY THE DOPEST POSTER ON THIS BOARD.. Fucking Dizzzzoppe mate...... Peace... green.LINE
  11. farken, I'm lovin Peyotes shit...ivo, your's is quite dope as well, bump bump.... green.LINE
  12. yeah Peyote is very original indeed, love his shiiite!! green.LINE.sydney.NSW.australia.NOTeurope
  13. yeah word man..........Nice post as well.... peace
  14. I like the second one, by Gnes. green.LINE.sydney
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