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  1. on the real tip though So much of this hostility running around. yu all must have so much anger inside. Heres a solution. stop wasting your time. go get some paint and some markers and have fun bombing, and if yer ever in the Bay holla at me. *MedIAteR!
  2. How old are you? When I first got into this shit some years back, I tried to do shit that i couldnt. And I thought i was tight. Yes your style is...unique, but in a way you write like you're in middle school. Take it easy homie. Learn from what you can't yet do, start it simple so you can burn the simpletons later on...
  3. Mr grow-a-beard, Sheperd Fairey is the cool guy that makes the badass OBEY clothes, he has the andre the giant shits. its tight clothing. but i am talking of MR BIG, GIANT. and you folks have so much hostility for kids that paint. painting relaxes me. go smoke a joint and throw down in your book. no reason for such hostility, BAY AREA still MASSIVE!!
  4. someone always has to say something... i didnt mean anything by the comment. in fact there hasnt been very many people able to match Giant's style. yes nurse you do have a similar style and it is appealing. i meant nothing hostile about the comment. i personally dont care either and i dont think Giant does either.
  5. hey nurse...you aren't GIANT!!! nice try though... BAY AREA MASSIVE
  6. good shit comin out of Hayward.....
  7. add some more colors to it. whites, blues go crazy with color, lose those points, and start opening up to your surroundings, look at other stuff other artists handstyles, peices and work about them, make a style that works for you and you'll get a whole lot better. keep it up. i like the name.(emse) Oh and screw proportion, go crazy, innovate man.
  8. DAFT

    lords um production

    hey Furious, did you take those pics? if so i'd like to know where they are at. i'd like to take a look a the new local lords stuff.
  9. OK Dude, not cool, at all. man didn't you think about the name you chose in the least? think about it...AEDER1 and ADER1...hmm and lets not compare the art here. sorry dude. how old are you anyways? with that "sketch" you should be in like 6th grade...dont drink at such a young age...
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