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  1. Riot threatening aesia...fascinating concept...All i know is I'm sure i wasnt the only one bummed to see some red riot scrawl through one of his pieces. Yo aesia those little circle e's he does are comin for you son!
  2. not that it needs to be said again, but aesia and soviet = supreme sickness
  3. Vans- Talking about "ebay needs to get upmore?" even if you're joking (which im sure you must be), you have no business talking about graffiti. shut the fuck up you retard.
  4. yea Clout is alot like LSD, minus the bullshit (which is hilarious however). A ton of DTC KYT heads but thats the way i likes it.
  5. bump for Went's smooth styles.
  6. about all this talk of Scant, is it just me or does that guy suck really bad? maybe im wrong and everyone will get pissed off, but everything ive seen of his was pretty weak.
  7. they sucked mad balls. i hate you
  8. bump for a king. prolly my favorite writer
  9. make a carbomb. blow that bitch to pieces
  10. forgive this stoned thought, but SPFlatty, it seems that your name is an odd mixture of the words spliff and fatty. peace guys
  11. I have known a number of kids who make a lameass mockery of "true" sXe, claiming the label of sXe for themselves when the real story is they were always too pussy to take a sip or hit the pipe or take that bump of meth. I'm not saying drugs and partying heavily is for everyone, definitely isn't, but its pathetic of some kids to use "straightedge" as an excuse when they could just admit theyre still scared. By the way I only wrote this cuz of specific people i know that are like this. I personally am an everyday nug smoker, like to drink hard on occasion, and im always down for hallucinogens, theres nothing evil or really detrimental about the drugs i choose to do, so I and other people who use them don't deserve to get any shit for doing so. As far as that aggressive militant stuff goes, what is the difference between that and what the nazis did? Violently imposing your beliefs on someone else. Understand that everyone does not think the same way you do. Thats why more people should smoke a bowl and just chill. or chill without smokin, either way.
  12. love the color of that Sace tag. good gritty shit!
  13. Eastcoast Killa


    yea destroyed pittsburgh. I was told hes a trainhopper type guy who obviously just crushes from city to city.
  14. yea i was wondering too why Sace threw up a swastika, thats fuckin lame. Never heard anything about him being gay though.
  15. anyone ever see 187? alot of that is about graff, but in the beginning when samuel L jackson is riding to work through brooklyn you can see JA fillins everywhere and shit. thats quite a story, isnt it?
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