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  1. "Zaphod is just zis guy, you know?" "never have more than two pan galactic gargleblasters unless you are a thirty tonne mega elephant with bronchial pneumonia" oh, how i love hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.
  2. I did fire breathing where you get a mouth full of alcohol and spit it into a flame, i took absolutely no safety precautions and i used metho cos there was nothing else I accidentally swallowed some and almost threw up from the taste i was burping the metho taste for days afterwards.
  3. Anyone ever seen those japanese gameshows? i saw one where they had some guy wearing nothing but a loin cloth with a target on the front of it on a cruxifix over some water and then they shot basketballs out of an air cannon at him. it was called tekeshi's castle or something like that.
  4. Holy shit. ive still got Smurfs and A team sheets for my bed. Fred Savage in "The Wizard". Corey Feldman in "The Lost Boys" Corey Haim too. WILLOW, fuck yeah! The Goonies, total classic. Anyone remember that cartoon called "Cops" or something, and it was about a group of police officers and they all kicked ass? I had a pair of Gotcha pants that were baggy at the top and went tight around the ankles, they were dark blue with fluorescent orange trim.
  5. hmmm.... well said. I think you just made up my mind, as well as pointing out how much of a dumbass I am. :D
  6. because blue whales have six foot penises.
  7. Okay, well there is this girl who i've liked for a while and i asked her out a couple of months ago. When i asked her out she said "no" in a polite way and I thought that was that. But, then i got a phone call last night and it was her and she said that she had made a big mistake, and she really likes me but she couldn't say yes at the time, (i think that it might be because she was going to move away but now she isn't but im not sure). I've already ruled out the idea that it is an elaborate plot to ruin my life. So, what should I say?
  8. lets see these flix of a next panel in brisbane, my mate has flix of next, pubes and seiko rollered pieces that are fucking huge, but hes too lazy to post them so if any other brisbanites has flix of em, post em up! :cool:
  9. i once knew a curious fellow who pushed a match into the valve of a spraycan and it exploded all over him and his room.
  10. no way, once or twice in my life i have used public toilets. i remember once when i could not hold it any more, i fully did that run into the toilet in the nick of time, damn, it felt like a life or death situation...
  11. Movie flaws when characters are sick or dying they provide vague descriptions of their symptoms in broken sentences..
  12. I have just started reading "The Man Died" by Wole Soyinka. It is autobiographical, about the time that he spent in prison (27 months) without a trial during the Nigerian civil war. 1984- always a favourite. i really want to read some of iain banks' books, my brother loves it and tells me that i should read his stuff.
  13. sex style- kool keith, uh huh! drink away the pain- mobb deep, yeeaahh!
  14. is that a man or a woman in the background?
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