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  1. i saw one of crooks tag on one of my reading books i was like oh shit i should of kept it (lol) i still c some old crook n crome taggs big up 2 tha mia i wish miami got mo ups but right now theres noone really to give ups to hopefully soon there will b
  2. i heard that they were gonna re-do style wars and put it out on dvd or something
  3. BuMp imma c this on tha 31st i hope i aint gotta go n e where or else i'll c it on the 7th
  4. i c clean streets mo pigs with mo power i think that graffiti will finally be called "real art" like it'll be on everything but walls ,trains, n stuff u can write on it'll be on more shirts, tv aids,viedos, etc... or who knows maybe it'll die out i hope not
  5. yea have ne of ever tagged up or writen on disney or ethched it or n e big park
  6. ur never gonna be able to do a good drawning ever again just fu(k the art and do something new naw j/k i suck at art so i really dont know
  7. do u ever find urself thinking y do i write on shit i think i should quit well ...i know i have but 4 some reson i just have to wite all over shit 4 no good reson
  8. is it gonna air on all the pbs stations? this could really help a toy like me
  9. tha #1 of all time : pics of hot girls
  10. yo i find like all the slang there is @ http://www.b-boys.com/graffitivocab.html
  11. yea can i just get some of the slang like: tag=name u write toy=bad graffiti writer etc. can i get n e more
  12. yeah i usally act like im the man of the house n b like my woman tells me that we cant get whatever u selling u just gotta have fun w/theme or just pick up n hang up w/out saying a word
  13. theres graff mags ? where can i get one?
  14. wat u think is the best city to do graffiti in
  15. does n e one write with there family cuzins,moms,dad,gandpa,family pet,?
  16. school,bus,home,sleep, pick my sister up 4rm her school, go 2 my cribe sleep more maybe draw a lil something look at my h.w. and as soon as i start i go to sleep go 2sleep ill like 2 sleep more but theres olny so much time oh yeah i'll love 2 paint more alot more like write all over fla not just where i stay but go all over my state(fl) *2 bad i aint got a car as soon as i get a car imma b all over fl and change things
  17. isnt there something else we can use . cuz people start thinking all these guys bomb ? oh fu(k wat they say
  18. do u know of n e one that wrote on the twin towers and did it go down with theme just asking:confused: :(
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