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  1. yes definetly took the words right out of mouth...
  2. caught this one today on a banner hanging tied to a balcony in New York, about 2 miles off ground zero..."an eye for an eye will make the world blind" or some shit similar. "enjoy this moment because its your life"... movie previews now if the world only had the courage.
  3. Jam On It

    spotted 41

    are you sure that yak was nace? [/b] yeah positive.
  4. Jam On It

    Weird kids

    sometimes it dont rain for weeks some summers not any specific situations and probably not weird to some but all in all great memories: manhunt to midnight friday/saturday night mister softee the neighborhood missions of boosting "crome caps" . .. niggas know neighborhood brawls and onlooking parents cheering for their delinquent kids nigga knocking backyard hopping throwing snowballs at the crossing traffic and going bananas when a car stopped four corners wiffle ball always looking forward to mischief night and poking fun at your boys braggadocious bets good stuff, in retrospect I really miss living without a concern in the world... and having mom dukes dress me cause I still dont match. :o
  5. Jam On It

    spotted 41

    caught in motion , no flicks: ?/huge Smerk throw up mber x2 xide/?/? and a bunch of unreadables at about 40mph at a layup: nesm fc wholecar chip wholecar complete with misfit character Dr. Revolt hollow tdee tags yak aka Nace mayhem
  6. the chicago whiteout I enjoyed 3 summer months in chi-rock. great pizza and a good mix of down to earth people but hardly the graffiti scene I anticipated. On the other hand, there were lots of chill layups and some yards.othe than that caught one highway spot , some mpowr rooftops, and a newa wall.
  7. Of course , you mention Picasso and it clicked. I havent even noticed my interest in any specific theme.. but im heavily convinced that most writers that venture into art or make a lame attempt of such, wear out genetic graffiti based themes .. that sucks in my humble opinion. So I made it a priority to not do the typical and i'll keep practicing in the meantime.
  8. point well taken with your thoughts on the portrait. In regards to technicality im in the "crawling stage". that landscape was basicaly a memento. Barcelona was the shit and I was overcome by the architecture. I chose that specific scene because the perspective was something I wanted to try and the view was breathtaking in person. in all regards , pratt actually liked it. guernica huh? I've heard of him but i dont know of his work. im not really knowledgeable in any art history.the actual process involved in that face was much less complicated than biting. that face has more of my graffiti style influence so by far is it conceptual. but are you saying I got potential on E-bay? under normal conditions, I'd usually throw anything I put together in the closet as soon as soon as the paint would dry. I'm putting myself out there now for some constructive critism, and I've gotten it and am open to much more.
  9. huge stuff street level is immaculate , nice stomper. :eek:
  10. ahh man, im in a house eleven deep battling everyones agenda everyday ,i probably put this thread together with stuff on my mind. I cant even tell I come off like that .. much thanks for inducing some self reflection. thanks for the feedback , gravy
  11. your right, dont let anyone ever get away with calling you a FAG , especially when the closets locked from the outside and your sitting on your pro keds. deal with your issues somewhere else. :confused: ..to everyone else thanks for negative/positive feedback.... im hopefully looking for some feedback from some of the art students around town. I stay in the Hamptons.
  12. Jam On It

    pink floyd

    Floyd is mega serious. up until about 6 months ago I wasn't really up on any rock other than some chili peppers and a few others let alone pink floyd. but time was generous and my roomate at the time put me on to some really inspiring music ie. pink floyd.
  13. Cottonthicker neveer had the ass wiping crisis ei:acorns,seashells... but pops got thee only wig wams.
  14. the 3rd turd http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid28/p1fef32467aab050428cab6fd31128bdb/fe125c93.jpg'>
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