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  1. Does anyone have an undissed shot of the mac/retna wall on labrea and 3rd?......... will hook anyone up who has one... :privateeye: :$: :mexican:
  2. http://www.siloette.com/subjectcharacter.jpg'> http://www.siloette.com/antwerpcharactersmall.jpg'> http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid97/pf5344131445370375acf81c4667a6ff5/fa14b077.jpg'> siloette
  3. http://www.elmac.net/maccheesyclose1.jpg'>
  4. Mac.Ng 2003 in Belgium..... http://www.elmac.net/macantwerpjosiewhole1.jpg'>
  5. This was a really cool project....I really lucked out to be included...here's another panel from that show. Belgium is dope. :D http://www.elmac.net/macbruggemaryclose1.jpg'>
  6. nuestra guerra Damn fool you're going all out with this... . call me!
  7. A bunch of dead-on points made here already....I'll just add a few extra thoughts... Roler asks if the USA has fallen off..... I might have some geographic bias based on where I'm from, but I see so much raw talent, style, and can control coming out of the west coast, that I still feel like the US is on top of things graffiti wise. I think the US still has it. Just look at LA alone ....bombing, handstyles, characters, productions, and just plain style. pieces with solid letters that still look good after you break them apart and strip away the frills and color. I'm not sure Europe has that yet. I've been fortunate enough to go over there a couple times now and I've loved it. I've seen some incredible stuff over there for sure, but I just don't think it's as dope as magazines and the internet make us believe. (keep in mind that this is being said by someone who tries to figure out ways to get over to Europe every chance I get) There's so many fucking european graffiti magazines that the world ends up seeing a large portion of what's being done there, as far as I can tell. Can anyone even guess how many euro mags are currently being produced? Now how many Mags are coming out of Cali? the west coast?...the whole US?.....just a couple, and it's not because people aren't getting up here. So much fresh stuff will never get published from out here...so many fresh pieces have been long since seen, appreciated, flicked, and buffed, and will never make it to any german, italian, or swiss printing presses. I don't know what the story is behind that....whether it's a money thing or what. Like old growth pointed out, spraypaint companies do not market to writers here at all. Krylon publicly opposes graffiti by supporting that "graffiti hurts" shit and by watering down their paint a bit more every year. The average writer getting his shit from walmart or home depot has like one shade of each color to choose from, maybe two. Okay it's late and I'm starting to ramble......I think to sum up my thoughts right now...there's a lot of fresh graffiti being produced the world over, but with the "graffiti media" being the way it is representation and documentation isn't always fair....and that skews our collective view of things. There's some kid painting a dope piece in Mexico city or Denver or El Paso or Pittsburgh right now and we'll never know. Old growth was on point with his last couple lines.
  8. I like those Nalgas Grandes!
  9. there ya go... http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid69/p34b5ae3765b23acee20e64cf4149e26e/fbbb02c3.jpg'>
  10. KIKI MARTIN compa!..when you rolling through this way?... next time try www.imagestation.com for posting pictures
  11. damn this got brought back from the dead... thanks again for the feedback...I'm not too surprised that most people voted for the pin-up drawing...I mean shit...sex sells, but a lot of people commented on the "paisa" one which I wasn't expecting. that was cool..a few people mentioned wanting prints....if you're really interested just drop me a line......Pilau, you get the award for most in depth commentary...and mr.abc that irish kid thing cracked me up
  12. Otras...tyboe...21...siloe...
  13. Hey it was really good to see all the positive responses on here and surprising that there wasn't more hating.. me and Silueta really appreciate it. I was away from a computer for a while so I didn't have a chance to respond but I'm glad to see people liked the work. Yes to what somebody said, Hex was a big inspiration for me...he did amazing work...no doubt about it If anyone has questions feel free to email me. . Here's a panel I did a couple weeks ago... http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid60/p5bcfddbce3fb6a386194e2bbc89e6252/fc547dc9.jpg'>
  14. Yeah El Paso probably wouldn't appeal to you but you should love Austin. Austin's very hip and scenic. As for the northwest, maybe because I've been up there a few times and lived in Seattle for a short while last year. Also my better half is from there. Sedona's alright. Bisbee, Jerome, Flagstaff and Tucson are all cool. Phoenix is just there and big and spread out and hot. AZ does have some beautiful places for sure, but hey...this thread is about Texas :P
  15. Hah. I'm sure Mexico would be more than happy to have Texas back, along with NM, AZ, NV, CO and CA too I would imagine. I read that article, and yeah that certainly sounds ridiculous. no doubt. Only been there once but ft worth/dallas kinda sucks from what i recall. not the best introduction to TX, I think. oh and I'm not sure my state really is elligible for cool status, but at least it's not the south or the midwest. (just kidding) http://www.serendipity.li/wod/1gr.gif'>
  16. haha Mental at least you've got a sense of humor about it. northeast liberal. hah. I was kinda expecting you to go on some indignant tirade about the evils of texas. Yeah, At The Drive-in is actually from El Paso. Hmm. and the Geto Boys and Scarface are from Houston, too. And Lone Star beer isn't so bad either. My state is so uncool I think it IS cool. well, my city at least. I think any city ought to be automatically elligible for "cool" status if more than a third of its population is brown. I don't live in Texas by the way
  17. Okay.... admittedly the only part of TX I'm really all that familiar with is El Paso, but that area has a certain ugly charm, good people, and it's so Mexican-ized it basically IS part of Mexico. El Paso is ugly but it'll always be a special place to me. Texas may be big, but I do know a lot of the rest of the state isn't all that different. I believe about a third of the state's population is of Mexican descent. By hating on "Texas" because of its politicians, and in so doing, hating on its residents....you are hating on a lot of good people, often culturally integrated Anglos, Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. What gives?
  18. I got an old iMac off ebay a little while back for about $300 and it works fine. -go with Mac ;)
  19. dude I'm sorry...maybe it's wrong and insensitive and juvenile and whatever else ....but that was pretty damn funny
  20. Thanks...Lars I'll look for that one. I was talking about 35mm by the way. looks like Olympus it is....
  21. I've been using disposables but I want to get a decent cheap camera, (as the title says).... any recommendations for something under around $100? any particular brands? models? Any brands that I should stay AWAY from? all I want is a camera that doesn't take blurry pictures, really.
  22. Damn you, TT... I'm hungry. Breakfast burrito with chorizo, eggs, cheese, potatoes and salsa sounds good right about now. With some horchata or jamaica. yeah...
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