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  1. http://www.computerbreakfast.com/vinyl.html Check it out. This is a small project I am experimenting with. Trying to push dj's and vinyl heads in my town outside of Philly. Just tired of driving into center city every time I want a record. Sure internet site are great to. I just think maybe there are some heads in my town that feel the same way and would like a more local scene. If I can get some response in the area it will just be more motivation to keep pushing the project. let me know what you all think. Remember it's just to try and push the love of crate diggin and playing that hot record you just found. :D
  2.'> THis thread just blew my dome off!
  3. Dope flicks here. what up Ryper:D smoke L's
  4. No doubt... thats the hottest of the day
  5. nice mix of flix wrytes.... titties for the lemon and page juans
  6. Nice lot of pics, thanks for taking the time to upload that shit. Someone with skill should finish that one with the rest of its drop shadow and a force field if they ever see it. peace naceo
  7. ha ha, I use the same trick, I find myself using my middle finger more to for outlines and all
  8. so many choices.... like the cars I be driving:cool: Rovers not Hondas!!!!!!!!!!! keep it gangsta G
  9. Nyc nice posts.. that Setup juan is sick.... he is definately on some spidey man shit. How did he get those? was their a ledge to stand on? There is a nasty freeway in my town Setup did where I thought he shimmied a pole but later found he was lowered down. On the Mook tip!! got to love them climbers
  10. yeah CON..... Pulling em off on Webster
  11. I got a boom spot I save for the winter cause its got a roof. Used to be an old train station back in the day. But you can dip in there and get going. And the wall is wretched and decayed so it looks madf ill when you cover it with paint. The only thing I hate is I cant paint with gloves on so my bare hands get cold fast.
  12. " I help the needy with graffiti":p
  13. Reks has some ill characters, good imagination, use your mind like a gun
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