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  1. I love how the "E" is just like SWET did it...plus I like the "N" when I look at it quick it looks like a Swet "W" this gets two thumbs up!!! This looks great! I think Swet would be proud of you...... Which outline of Swet did you scan in? Photoshop is a great tool! I use it everyday! Try not to BITE with it. [This message has been edited by str8underground (edited 09-19-2001).]
  2. I like this one a lot...I think it belongs in the Swet thread.
  3. Hip-Hop Is What You Live....Rap Is What You Do..... --KRSONE
  4. Katch is a cool kid. I have an interview with hm that needs to be transcribed once I get off my ass I'll post it with all the other photos that he gave me. I'm glad people are digging my post. peace WhataJerk
  5. I have to scan in all the Chi-Town photos...I have over 100. All from 1988-1995. So as soon as I scan them I will post them.
  6. All the photos WhataJerk post are ALL Legit. THey are not stolen from ANY SITE or ANY MAGAZINE.
  7. just please....dont do a 3D Erni, Deim style pieces! PLEASE!
  8. True...... It's all about the letters. As long I dont see another 3D looking piece! It was GREAT when Erni rocked it. for the FIRST TIME... and it was the bomb when Diem blew it up to the next level...... BUT It sucked to see EVERY FUCKING WRITER TRYING THAT STYLE. Even the post with WANE...What the hell even he's trying to do fucking 3D..... Do somethign different. PLEASE PEOPLE......
  9. IHATEU---Why do you call that style TECH? Do ALL people from Rhode Island call it that? Just checking........ Maybe you should do some burners before you talk shit....
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