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  1. My girl has been staining my sheets as well. It wasn't shit stains though. She's been spotting blood. Shit. I hope she's not pregnant.
  2. I saw Nace a few hours before he passed away. Its really surreal. He seemed like like a great guy and he had such amazing amount of talent. This is a great thread. Much respect and rest in peace.
  3. Good Lord! That is fucking skills. Those crazy Canadians are coming up!
  4. Do you have a close up of your piece in that Conneticut wall? Did I see it already?
  5. I can't front on Pose's skills. No one can touch his talent. I know everyone is gonna hate me for saying this shit but I gotta say those letters in that Okae looks like Gkae. http://www.omnimix.com/flics/misc/scribble2001/gkae_1.jpg'>
  6. Like I've said: blahblahblah, you must be that "Lets Jock Pose" guy, heh. I could of sworn this was the writers bench and I'm entitled to my own opinion. I'm way more into Pose's pieces than his Okae bombs. Now you can wish Pose would put his cock in your mouth, toyboy.
  7. Very nice catches... the Sane by Smith really takes the cake.
  8. I only like Mes' pieces. Just an honest opinion. The person next to Mes on that production looks like a cross between High and Kema.
  9. Sure I wish I were black then maybe I'd be hung like a horse... http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//rolleyes.gif'>
  10. Bob Hope Oner when you DO get it on DVD, send me a copy! H_halfman@hotmail.com. PEACE!
  11. And of course... Kool Keith/DrOctagon..... Handsome Boy Modeling School is fresh too. Don't forget Souls of Mischief, and Freestyle Fellowship. Anybody remember old Grave Diggaz shit? Good shit. PEACE!
  12. Neither. I'll take porn over some fat graffiti guys ANY DAY!!
  13. wtf? this twig should of ate the fucking duck shes wearing over herself. she kinda looks like you secret hahaha. Supreme Racking Team in da house!
  14. That Condict fool was speaking really vaguely and beat around the bush with all the fucking questions. This is what I think... Levy obviously got nasty with Condict and maybe got pregnant? So then Condict got mad and told her to keep her mouth shut so she doesnt ruin his MrGoodie2ShoesCongressMan rep. Then that Condict fool probably got all paranoid that Levy will say shit and had someone kill her OR maybe she committed suicide. I hate to say it but I think shes dead.
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