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  1. hooooooooty-hooooo haoles and gays...its all the same. looks like fun
  2. My faforite Bush Quote... "QUEEF"
  3. soupeh happy birifday right hand man!!! Poor some out for me uncle. wammyjammy SOUPEH:dazed: :dazed: :dazed:
  4. Please believe in the rub a dub styles!!! dennis brown Gladiators Athena and Dama Abyssinians Ethiopians Izzy vibes twinkle brothers barrington max romeo H.I.M.
  5. 500+20+150+30... 700 bones homie. THats alright, you don't need to add to be in the DPC.:idea:
  6. Atmosphere tomorrow night in San Diego... DPC in attendance:king: :dazed: :king:
  7. big ups to obey...and shepard. As far as getting other people to put up his shit, I just saw him getting arested a few weeks ago for putting up some stuff in San Diego. Thats gotta be #7 for him.
  8. ummm... green bottles, need i say more?:king:
  9. to pistolos yup Dana point in Orange County. ITs called the Doheny days at Doheny state park or something like that. me and my roomate just got our tickets. You gonna be there? oh and by the way im listening to wailing souls right now. :dazed: :dazed:
  10. Jah-Jah THis weekend at Dana POint... steel pulse, israel vibrations and roots radics, wailing souls, barington levy and much more. Please believe i will be in attendance along with the muthafukin DPC...:king:
  11. Damn, DpC all up in this mothafuka... Happy birthday El Barto, sorry i couldn't have been there Keep up the good work:king:
  12. itchy_olos


    to skum lord... honestly fucktard, i will personally beat your ass.
  13. sorry homie those are some busted ass bitches... still big ups dpc
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