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  1. i cant believe someone writes ogre...oh well i decided not to write it
  2. ogrBDC

    The Champagne Room

    thats my favorite song
  3. i definately saw a thread revealing the answer a couple of days ago..try tthe 12 oz forum
  4. the first book in america was called the sorcerer's stone when everywhere else it was called the philosophers stone...the books use a little different language. i read the british ones and it was a little confusing for a while.. i went to the premier.. it was fucking awesome... seeking you should get off 12 oz and get to the theater.
  5. except for showers i totally havent been washing my new tattoo....oops...i'll have to remember to when i get color....i was definately told not to wrap my tattoo, not to even put on too much lotion/bacitracin because of breathing.. whatever works for you though. is it done healing when the itching stops?
  6. its all about east coast ice...i love that shit..haha...you gotta keep alert.
  7. i dont ever touch coke or pepsi products. im pretty into jewel cola(15 cents a can). im also realy into root beer. i love trying different brands. but i always go back to stewarts, or ibc if necesary...roooot beeer
  8. ogrBDC

    Canvas Economics.

    use a staple gun. get some pliers or canvas stretchers. its not too hard
  9. this isnt graffiti news and discussion from around the way...
  10. ogrBDC

    elk post

    why dont you start one...who are you talking to? why are you talking?
  11. i think i'll stick to my last reply even if you arent soup. it still holds true.
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