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  1. y is the picture gonna change? by the click of the mouse or on time?.. make the picture its own layer and symbol and in the editing process of the symbol do what u want it too...so on the stage of every instance u gonna use its gonna have the same properties so in reality u only have to set it up once then just use it however many times u want...otherwise im not really understanding what u saying go more into detail... my 2 cents crooks
  2. couldnt he add action script to the button itself from the libary to do what he wants the button to do and then link the libary to the diffrent swf files?...or i am not understanding what he wants
  3. ghetto way to make clickable area is making an invisable button...u can define the area and place it over where u want to click at
  4. Crooks


    "oh snap" "o dip" maybe?
  5. yea shit looks real bizzare cuz i go back an forth it gets real nutty when a word ends in r or k or any of em fancy letters noone ever wants to copy from my notes they like huh?
  6. in 1948 isreal did indeed do to war with all the arab nations it was a brutal war but isreal won..the funny thing bout this is that the ussr supported isreal at the time because it was assumed that isreal was going to be communist..us actually had little do with isreal in the begining... since 1948 through the 1960's isreal was at war with all of its nieghbors at one time or another in 1968 there was a cease fire during the yom kipper holidays(a serious jewish holiday) all the arab countries atacked isreal at one time in an effort to destroy isreal...this was called the 6 day war..isreal was caught of guard but in the end won and actually took more land from egypt, lebanon and other bordering countries..the land won was called the occupied teritories..isreal held this land until the early 90's when with the us brokered a deal with arafat and created the state of palestine the only thing not cementing the new country was the fact that arafat wanted all of jerusalum now jerusalum is isreals capital...sharon(the prime minister of isreal) was like we can give u sections but not all of it which was a big deal if u understand the ramifications....anyways arafat was not having it he wanted all or nothing so now he has nothing..and now hes trying to salvage the fact that he fukked up with a call to all the people of palestine to rise up...and that is where we at now(i kinda summed it up real quick) a little known fact in 1982 isreal attacked an destroyed iraqs nuclear program...the whole world condemned isreal then...now how u think things woulda turned out now if iraq an them terrorist nations would be if they had nuclear technology at there finger tips?
  7. janeane garofolo(sp?)
  8. nonphixion is the goods for me
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