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  1. Short bench today. Remember to honor those that gave their lives. Have a good day.
  2. So here is a neat benching setup. I went to the Cajon Pass (look it up on youtube if you don't know) on a monday afternoon to see what was rolling north. And it was busy! Trains from both the BNSF and UP heading north. A few coming down but it was like a train every 15 minutes. So I took a hike and brought out my camera with two lenses, one a zoom and another a telephoto lens. I think this place is unique in that the landscape makes all these massive machines looks tiny in comparison. There was a lot of graffiti but honestly 97% was uninspiring. These are some of the better shots (but not by much as I was in the shadows). Feel free to share the graff pics but the foamer pics please keep in here.
  3. If you lurkers or member finds their work here feel free to post it on your social media. I only ask that you give 12oz Prophet the credit of where you found it. Anyway here's a bench from 2016/2017...
  4. This overcast weather is miserable for benching and not much quality out there today but anyway here is a fresh set from today. Imagine all those pumpkin orange engines used to be warbonnets, I miss that paint scheme. At least the blue bonnets are still roaming around.
  5. Yeah man, no doubt. More to come I got a lot of rails I can explore, plus I'm looking for my external that's got flicks from 2014-2016. I'll throw in some classic, circa 2001-2003 benching eventually.
  6. Fresh bench from monday. Apologies if the images are a bit dark and off center. In order to keep myself from getting over worked I posted them almost directly from the camera. I do resize a bit and lighted a few of them.
  7. Yeah hopefully it lives longer. That line had a really old Solo Artist but I it was 99% gone and could only be really noticed up close and in person. Here's a small fresh bench from saturday.
  8. What a way to start off the new thread. Those grenades are fresh. I hope you guys dont mind me reposting cans from the old thread on here
  9. Some old finds, sad to say the Kalifornia Kolors is no more...
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