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  1. :D about 4 months ago i was climbing down a fence trying to get to a ledge along some road. i was drunk and slipped. fell about 20 ft., landed on my feet on the sidewalk. broke my left ankel and my right foot. was in a whell chair for 6 weeks. still have trouble walking to this day. another time i was hitting a billboard and tripped on my untied shoe lace. fell off the billboard but didn't get hurt at all, just winded. probably fell a good 17 ft. another time i was walking back to my car after some winter time clean train action. cop comes up on me and my boy and we decide to bolt. i had never been in this area before. we split up and i run directly into a swamp. theres snow and slushy water everywhere and its dark as fuck. i get deep in the swamp, the cop won't go into it. i'm hung up on a little bit of land, frozen, barely able to move. more cops come and i'm surrounded. i try to move and they spot me and i crawl out to them. i had lacerations all over my face from the thorn bushes in the swamp. i could have frozen to death if i didn't surrender to the cops. at the police station they showed me off like a prize. my face was covered with blood, i was drunk and puked. one of the worst nights of my life. lyeing in a cold jail cell in my wet, cold clothes. i also fell on a third rail once but only touched the top, nothing happened. oh yeah, been sliced up by barbed wire a number of times as well. godd damn, i love bombing. :dazed:
  2. my guess for the moonwalk train would be diego.
  3. Natty Boh

    dumbest tagg

    met a stripper once who told me she wrote NED FLANDERS. never saw any proof but she said she was from dc. i like BLUNTS OF FURY the best so far, that shit made me laugh out loud.
  4. i've seen that stamp "...punks stop painting my trains...." on a red boxcar before. caught it in the mid-atlantic area. has anybody else caught these before? i wonder if theres a buch of workers doing these or just one entirely pissed of worker who is takeing matters into his own hands. kinda funny.....eh
  5. you hate it everywhere.....need to get down to the land of pleasant liveing......somebody say daytimes!!!:P
  6. Natty Boh

    kos trains

    :confused: did you have a reason to go over him?
  7. i'm not a hoser but i love hockey. haven't played it in years though. deffinatly best sport in my opinion. it's all about the NEW YORK RANGERS. it's going to be a good season this year.
  8. NICE STUFF......especially likein' that VEGAN even though i'm pure carnivore.....grrrrrrr
  9. yeah, take those pics. down. i've already seen enough death for one day. fuckin sick to my stomach from this shit. as long as we get whoever is responsible for this....they have to pay. it just said on the news that the f.b.i./c.i.a. are in the process of obtaining search warrants for several residences and p.o. boxes in southern florida. apparently they have some leads that some folks down there have the answers to who did this.
  10. a hoser eeeeeehhhhh!!!!!!
  11. good choice, saw him over the summer, had no idea he could get so heavy, god damn. also: bad brains: rock for light & quickness johnny cash: he's banned from the grand ol' oppry....nuff said into another: the first album is pure evil jawbox: scrabook of fatal accidents, beautiful the list goes on and on....
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