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  1. miz303

    Beer of choice

    beerz ....beers
  2. i was talking too the real- women!
  3. hahaahahha ...are you a bitch???
  4. i think its an epidemic pistol ithought you were a man i guess your a fag!!!
  5. those fags tried too ban miz303 because they are gay!....HOW MANY FAGS RUN THIS BOARD???
  6. they need to be rolled thats 4 sure ....?
  7. even if you use rollers is it still dangerous???
  8. i spotted a brit...the other dae
  9. miz303

    SkeTchWaRz 2002

    the beer crew holdin it down ...wfu ......teq
  10. .,. that sketch and sabe piece looks like that old slick piece ...anyways good shit...peace
  11. beer i thought this was a-beer- thread not puke ale......i'll drink ale if its free
  12. niz ,not like that like this.....miz iz for riz aldiz smokin bliz unts with your ladiez cizunts....i put that on a bag of chipz
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