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  1. Im just waiting for him to start calling everyone Flaming Gallars, whatever the fuck one of those is. Also: a night on the Fosters = Killer hangover.
  2. Love the history lesson. More please.
  3. You have hit the proverbial nail right on its fucking head my son. Watching all this from the UK has just got me shit scared that your gung-ho, chimp-faced president is gonna drag the whole world into some seriously scarey shit. NiseNSF for pres.
  4. Just love those NYC clean trains. Keep 'em coming. Also, if they're so easy, why arn't the New Yorkians blazin' them all the time?
  5. Niceness twiceness. How come I live in LOndon, but have to go to a US site to see dope London Tubes painted by Aussie writers??? Keep up the good work fella.
  6. Cool thread. I wish I had pictures of my early pieces. I remember doing my third or fourth piece and running out of paint, so I finished the outline with a marker. It wasn't even the same colour!
  7. Why are some of you guys bitching about freight writers versus bombers versus wall writers versus the next man? Surely we're all just different divisions of the same graffiti army versus the world? Frankly, some days I feel like going bombing and doing crazy damage, others I'll feel like rocking a fresh piece that might take a while. That's up to me. No one writer owns a yard. Sure, I'd get pissed if some toy hotted up my local spot, but that's graffiti. Shit happens.
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