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  1. I never tell girls I do graffiti. I just tell them I have a 9" cock instead.
  2. Where is it from, and who is it about? There looks to be a lot of wasted white space to me.
  3. These suckers need to get over themselves. Graffiti is just people writing their names on shit. End of story.
  4. The old Eastern Block countries seem to be a pretty good bet for catching lots of running steel, but you don't necessarily get the quality. The last couple of times I've been to Germany I've seen a few runners on the S-Trains too.
  5. Got emailed this link to PJ's site: http://www.graffrats.com/html/main.htm Not sure what to think.
  6. Damn, that's some bad news for sure. RIP bruv. Ol' Dirty was a tortured genius. Moogle, you suck.
  7. Bullshit. Brixton is a walk in the park. The only thing you need a knife for is to go wkth your fork when your tucking into some nice ackee and saltfish.
  8. Thursday, November 11, 2004 19:42 IST JNW HEADLINE NEWS Homosexual Arafat said dying of AIDS By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff November 7th, 2004 ‘So may all your enemies fall, O God!’ World clings to ‘man of peace’ illusion Law forbids monument to Arafat in Israel JERUSALEM - Based on the symptoms Yasser Arafat is suffering from, as well as accounts of his rampantly homosexual past, political pundits and medical experts believe the blood-soaked Muslim terror chief is dying from complications related to the AIDS virus. Arafat has been hospitalized outside of Paris for more than a week with blotchy skin, a low platelet count that is affecting his immune system, decreased mental capacity and a considerable loss of weight – all indicators of the presence of AIDS. His homosexual tendencies have been attested to by numerous sources, including a now infamous set of surveillance videos taken by his former communist allies in Romania showing Arafat in perverted encounters with his bodyguards. Though he reportedly slipped into a terminal coma last week, Arafat’s wife is said to be keeping him connected to life support long enough to gain access to the vast wealth he had horded over the years. “Palestinian” officials in Ramallah suggested his death would be officially announced on Tuesday to coincide with the Muslim holy day of Lailat al-Kader, when, according to Islamic lore, the Koran was given to the Prophet Mohammed. Israel has stated Arafat would not be allowed burial in Jerusalem or Judea and Samaria, but have granted tacit approval to inter the “father of modern terrorism” in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia and former premier Mahmoud Abbas work to secure their positions atop the “Palestinian” power structure by seeking unity with terror groups such as Hamas. Arafat, however, has reportedly named openly anti-Israel PLO official Farouk Kadoumi as his successor. All signs point to AIDS "We know [Arafat] has a blood disease that is depressing his immune system. We know that he has suddenly dropped considerable weight - possibly as much as one-third of all his body weight. We know that he is suffering intermittent mental dysfunction. What does this sound like?” Israel Insider quoted former White House speechwriter David Frum as asking. Writing for National Review Online, Frum blasted the mainstream media for their “bias” in refusing to question whether or not Arafat was infected with the killer disease. Frum is only the latest of a growing number of political pundits and medical experts that have speculated Arafat is dying from the AIDS virus. Intelligence analyst John Loftus told ABC News last month that the CIA had known for years Arafat was infected with AIDS, and it was largely due to this fact Washington had urged Israel not to eliminate him. “It was deemed better to have Arafat discredited as a homosexual,” Loftus said. Israel Insider notes that while “homosexuality is rife in the Arab world, it is at least officially consider a sin and a crime, and regarded - especially in fundamentalist circles - as a mark of great shame and depravity.” Roaring tiger Allegations regarding Arafat’s homosexuality have been fueled primarily by evidence provided by his former communist allies in Romania. During the 1970’s and 1980’s, Arafat was a regular in Nicolae Ceausescu’s Bucharest, where Romanian intelligence and its KGB overlords were providing the PLO with the means to gain legitimacy in the West. Little did Arafat know that Lt.-Gen. Ion Pacepa, the deputy chief of Romania's intelligence service, had rigged his guest suites with surveillance equipment. In his book “Red Horizons”, Pacepa unveils Arafat as an insatiable homosexual by recalling a telephone conversation with Constantin Munteaunu, a general assigned to the PLO. "I just called the microphone monitoring center to ask about the 'Fedayee,'" Arafat's code name, explained Munteaunu. "After the meeting with the Comrade, he went directly to the guest house and had dinner. At this very moment, the 'Fedayee' is in his bedroom making love to his bodyguard. The one I knew was his latest lover. He's playing tiger again. The officer monitoring his microphones connected me live with the bedroom, and the squawling almost broke my eardrums. Arafat was roaring like a tiger, and his lover yelping like a hyena." Pacepa wrote that after reading the full intelligence reports, “I felt a compulsion to take a shower whenever I had been kissed by Arafat, or even just shaken his hand." Where’s the money? For days Arafat has reportedly been hooked to life support machines, after suffering a full collapse of all vital organs. His wife, Suha, is said to be in control of when the plug is pulled. But before doing that, Suha and top PA officials hope to gain access to the vast hordes of money to which Arafat alone had access for the past 30 years. It was on the strength of these finances and his sole control over them that Arafat maintained his position. According to reports, Arafat has as much as $5 billion stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. Most of it came from the PLO’s long years of drug trafficking in Lebanon, but much was also pilfered from international aid meant to help the “Palestinians” establish a state. “It is amazing that some US officials still see the Palestinian Authority as a partner even after US congressional records revealed authenticated PLO papers signed by Arafat in which he instructed his staff to divert donors' money to projects benefiting himself, his family and his associates,” Issam Abu Issa, founder of the Palestine International Bank, said in a report for Middle East Quarterly. When asked by Qureia and Abbas last week as he boarded a Jordanian military helicopter in Ramallah how to access the funds needed to keep the PA functioning, Arafat simply replied, “I'm still alive, thank God, so don't worry.” Postponed death announcement An official announcement regarding Arafat’s death has also reportedly been postponed until Qureia and Abbas have are able to secure their positions atop the “Palestinian” power structure. Over the weekend, Qureia met with representatives from Hamas and other terrorist organizations in order to persuade them to join the Palestinian Authority under his leadership. Hamas instead demanded the formation of a power sharing government in which it would retain its independent status. Qureia rejected the idea. One official source in Ramallah suggested Arafat’s death would be announced on Tuesday, to coincide with the Muslim holy day of Lailat al-Kader, when, according to Islamic lore, the Koran was given to the Prophet Mohammed. Burial site battle lines Whenever Arafat’s death does become official, the first point of contention that is to mark a tumultuous aftermath to his death will likely be over his burial site. Israel says it is ready to let Arafat be interred in the Gaza Strip, but that Jerusalem and even Judea and Samaria are off limits. Prior to his death, Arafat had expressed a desire to be buried atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. “Palestinian” officials are expected to demand Israel acquiesce to this wish. Israeli Justice Minister Yosef Lapid told the Associated Press last Friday that “Jerusalem is the city where Jewish kings are buried, not Arab terrorists.” http://www.jnewswire.com/library/article.php?articleid=350
  9. I've just come back from a trip to Kowloon. I'm sad to say I didn't see any of this guys writing anywhere. I did see a few BNE ONE and Petro tags down the back alleys though. Over in mainland China I came across people doing a similar thing on a couple of occasions. If you go to public parks you'll see these old guys with brushes on the ends of poles writing their words and messages on the floor. Although rather than using ink they use water.
  10. I say it was down to two things. People coming up in the industries, whether we're talking about film, or advertising or design or whatever are people who've grown up in the b-boy (for want of a better word) era. Secondly, people have cottoned on to the fact that you can actually make money off graffiti's back now, now that it's so fucking trendy again. This film looks like it might be ok. The artists associated with it are certainly of a fine calibre. Scum and Neon are a couple of my all time favourites
  11. I was going to come in this thread and rag on Neckface's style for being played out and unoriginal, but some of his stuff looks quite fun. Don't hate, congratulate.
  12. This thread is the fucking nuts. I got to say say a big thanks to my nizzle Iquizzle for being the host with the most when I was out in HK. And Dazzle, you're only jealous because I'm better looking than you.
  13. Iquizzle my nizzle. I'm going to be in Hong Kong for four nights arriving on Friday 29th October. If you have time to hook up and go for a gut full of beer that would be cool. me: breadlines@hotmail.com (Just to remind you I am a strapping Englishman, not a hot hipster-chick)
  14. Watch out for those chicks with dicks. Get Gary Glitter's autograph, he hangs out at the bars over there right? Rodders here is off to China in three days time. Believe I am going to bring back the world of knock-off shit.
  15. So when did thid happen? Yesterday? I like it.
  16. Just to have this smiley here makes all the tinkering worth it: :pumpkin:
  17. What is with these new fucks. Next he'll be asking what Boogie Hands is.
  18. I'm still playing my SNES. Super Mario Kart like whoa!
  19. http://www.markovic.sk/big/tesco.jpg'> I shop where they sell this bread.
  20. A girl I know just came back from New York and got me some NYPD socks. I think they're kewl.
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