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  1. Just a couple of flicks from my travels around Notting Hill Carnival yesterday... Ah fuck it, it wouldn't work.
  2. Damn, some of you fools need a hug or something. Here's a little unfinshed business I came across on a Northern on Monday night.
  3. Some runners I caught at Charing X some time towards the end of last year. Don't know if there on here already.
  4. London in the summer is a blast.
  5. I showed these things to my girl, and now she's desperate for a pair. What gives?
  6. Never argue with an idiot as they'll bring you down to their level, then beat you from experience.
  7. Aw, did I hurt your feelings by saying your t-shirts were shite? 'Get over' yourself. Wanker.
  8. a bum bag is a fannypack in English (as in the language spoken in England). See we call a pussy a fanny so it is funny to hear people say Fannypack. Quoted post [/b] Isn't 'fanny' American slang for an arse? Better not tell people you're a 'fanny magnet' when you're over statesides. I think all those t-shirts are awful.
  9. You just made me spend £40 at your site.
  10. Probably been posted before, but I couldn't be arsed to check. Pretty cool, whilst at the same time a little bit sad. http://www.angelfire.com/mech/petermodelra...elrr_photos.htm
  11. Ha ha, wonk saggin indeed. SF1, you just ain't wonk enough.
  12. This is the best thing to happen to graffiti since the invention of the internet!
  13. Waldorf Street, 159 I think. In a place called St Morritz if I remember correctly. Worth a look, some nice action shots but not many trains you haven't seen before. Good all the same.
  14. I miss NY. :cry: I wish I had a time machine.
  15. Mmmm, last time I made a cake I put a teenth of flat press in the mix. It was mighty tastey.
  16. Worth the read. It explains a lot. It also explains why Yo MTV Raps started playing MC Breed videos back in the day. I always wondered why they had that shit on.
  17. Excellent screen name.
  18. Just a couple of bits left over from back in the day near the Walworth Road...
  19. Seen today at London Bridge on a Charing X - Tattenham train.
  20. Just a few flicks from deepest darkest Deptford... Trashbat. Funny cunt. These next two look decidely American in style... and... Remember Jesus. Who could forget? Warning 400V
  21. Access to this web page is restricted at this time. Reason: The Websense category "Proxy Avoidance" is filtered.
  22. LOLS ROFL HA HA! Quite funny actually.
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