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  1. Ahh, Montpelier Bristol, my old local station. Looks like it's had a bit of a paint job since I last went there.


    A few pics from Vic Berry's Scrapyard, Leicester, England.


    "Vic Berry's is a large, abandoned railway scrapyard in the Goods Yard and Engine Shed area of south central Leicester. It is currently maintained by British Road Services.


    Making use of its rail link with the Leicester to Burton line, a great deal of trains were accumulated in what became famously large stacks of trains.


    Vic Berry's permanently closed for business in the 1990s after one of these stacks of scrap trains containing some sort of refuse (possibly asbestos) caught fire."


    circa 8/87:

















    A variety of rolling stock reaches skyward on August 18th 1990.



    August 18th 1990 CIE 219.


  2. Mine arrived today. It's a beautiful thing. I guess I got one of the first 250, but not the first 100. What was the free gift?


    I also have to say that the packaging was shit. My copy has battered corners too which is a real shame. Fourthehardway needs to take a look at Amazon's steez when it comes to shipping.


    And for an amazing graffiti read hook yourself up with a copy of 'Getting Up'.

  3. limewire is virus ridden?



    I like torrents cause I can download full albums and whatnot.



    But sometimes I just want to download one specific song.


    Can you recomend something other than limewire for OS X?


    I've honestly never had a problem with lime, maybe that's cause im on a mac.


    But I'm def open to other program suggestions.



    Acquisition is an alternative to Limewire for Macs. But you know, if you use Azureus as your Bit Torrent client you can choose which tracks off an album you want to download.

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