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  1. straight lovin ur post bump bump.... nice styles nice billboards, roof tops just nice nice nice........
  2. Decnt


    i got a diamond back - stricker for like 88ish gt - outpost but i always wanted a huffy with little tassels hanging of the grips, and a horn, and maybe some beads for the spokes : P
  3. damn that is some harsh shit, 8g's for that fuck i'd do time they wanna destroy art do it their damn selves
  4. love the charcters... and the black and yellow is ill tooo
  5. im feeling that first billboard so much shit knocked me outta my chair,,, damn....mad ups!
  6. can u see me shaking my head? Damn thats ill....loving it.....
  7. those aussie cats got got some style 4 reel... bad ass post IVO i think saw a couple trains of urs in a video....
  8. onorok..... both pieces are dope that van is off the chain..... nice throw ups to where r these pics from NY?
  9. hahaha....the sleepy pilot attack
  10. funny, we could start a peace trade stickers for badges, markers for dounuts
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