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i quit so should you!

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  1. you last two are the biggest jokes and you know it...you bow down everytime..you know the truth toys>
  2. people breaking bottles bringing girls to paint that is what im fucking talking about i dont want anybody coming to my crews spot that would do any of that so certain measures have to take place...2nd first come doesnt mean shit to me if your in our yard its no new thing your shit will get mashed on...and 3rd i can barely believe you vapor still after all this running your mouth on the internet like you got some clout...your not that funny and you WILL learn that. im kicking myself on the daily for not serving you a grip ago. dont coment on me or anyone from my crew you are still just a toy who the fuck are you to even have an opinion as soon as you have done something substantial then speak up...you have a long way to go
  3. its not a good spot for intruders.. (why is it so damn hard for so many of you to fathom that some people run certain spots? i guess you have never had your own spot, its a pain in the ass cleaning up for CLOWNS that dont either respect shit or know anybetter) THATS TRUTH!!
  4. dude i heard this guy is so good toys give him paint to paint with him thats so cool... please put on some koze stuff iced out internet geek...
  5. dont try to talk like you dont get punked on the regular hore...your scenario about getting jacked you wrote about would have and could have happened plenty but you are a lil scared kid and its hard to be mean to you, becuz your such a pussy ok..also way to try to talk your self up sasqueer..some of us know the truth...vapor you still have managed to talk yourself outta all the ass kickins your owed but its not forgotten, your time will deffinately come..the rest of you toys are walking a fine line you better try not to get lippy or be funny!
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