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  1. i like to watch a lot of that GGG porn stuff.... the whole bukkake facial porn...with one chick and like 45 guys unloading on her face.....makes you wonder what she's thinking about when guys are screaming slut and spitting at her, and she's smiling and taking it all...............that gets me out of depression...but that's only cuz im a sick fuck.
  2. nope not from kentusky, all the way up here in the old dominion....i bet the fucker does work for the same company
  3. hmmm.....my friend is a knife salesman......are you my friend?
  4. werd, shit sucks when it happens, happened to me, calls me and tells me that she's all happy about her fucking boyfriend who she was just "seeing" when me and her were getting dirty,,,fucking whores.
  5. your an idiot for having sex so young, the only reason you think you should have it is because all your friends and society as a whole think kids need to be having kids, i lost my virginity at 13 man, like what the fuck is that about...all that ended up doing to me is making me think most women are whores...sex is overrated, and eat that fetus, the germans think it's a delicacy.
  6. when you put your damn pictures on the internet, they are gone forever, anybody can take them anybody can print them out to be theirs, anybody can do whatever the fuck they want to do with them because you just let them go to about a billion people, people really cant be bothered by someone posting their flicks, and to even make a reply just to say it's their flick....i cant understand that, that just bothered me, but anyway, elk is a dope writer, his style is original (or at least by what ive seen) in a time when styles are a dime a dozen. and 87centhitman, i think your talking about the bode characters, the green duck guy and the cheech wizard. i think.
  7. yes, first day of college, or community college, whatever, here's my list Sociology Art appreciation and history Drawing that's it, drawing nude women who sit in front of me, going on fieldtrips to museums, hopefully hanging out with some nice artsy fartsy girls i can give a facial to while they wear those dark brimmed glasses. fuck school.
  8. no, but the fact that you made that statement right there does, actually pride for something like that does make you a dumbass, same spectrum as racist proud of their race, just to a certain degree.
  9. are those. murals with graffiti in them, or graffiti with murals around them?


    fuck that shit, sick ass motherfuckers man, some people deserve to get their genitals removed with a spoon.
  11. holy crap, who else has played this game, {dance dance revolution}, i just got the pad for the console system and im rocking that shit, incredible game, it's kept me from painting lately, damn this game and it's catchy techno musick ill post pictures later
  12. http://www.sonypictures.com/classics/city/images/post.gif'> best movie ever the love story between the big guy and the little girl reminded me of "the professional" that movie with the young natalie portman. incredible stuff, go buy the dvd to watch it in english.
  13. :ghetto boys: die mutherfucker plays in background: shit scientist deserve to die, and fuck the military for their "experiments", cuz it's die mutherfucker die mutherfucker feel good.
  14. so i used to work at Old country buffet like 3 years ago, one day i get the shits and i need to drop a good one, so i go into the handicapped stall cuz it's the only one available, the lock on this thing is terrible, that's when i hear the whole fucking little leage football team run into the bathroom, 5 fucking kids hit the stall door, and since it was the handicapped stall, the door is a mile away from the john, and break it open, i try to cover myself from these 8 year old delinquents, when one of them yells "this guys taking a shit", they all start to laugh and run out to tell the whole world, the whole night i stayed in the back, when i told my boss, he laughed at me.
  15. yes, yes they do, not punk at all
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