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  1. Graff isn't on the comp its on walls, so if your someone that has never touched a can, and talks big about graff, you gotta set your self staight. im a toy and so are you... if you dont realize this then dont bother thinking of graffiti for another day. this goes out to all of you. some one a lot greater then me told me this and i thank him for making me set myself straight. dont consider your self a writter untill your done at least a few good pieces that you know if you show someone, that they'll think its good.
  2. tink

    my aaaaaaaart

    whoaaa....those red x's are gonna get buffed right away.. sick style ohhhh, and COLOR!!!! keep up the good work
  3. tink


    hey whats the cost of buyin one of dees? i steal skates thats about it
  4. hey i wanna make some cookies with the special green plant. so can you guys and gals reply with some suggestions or recipies?
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