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  1. Target & Nero Brownsville! http://louvre.tribe.net/tribe/upload/photo/535/db3/535db3cd-d248-4779-8a45-303c5828a0d1'> http://louvre.tribe.net/tribe/upload/photo/dbc/bbf/dbcbbf18-9fd4-49a0-b01d-2c5a1565cd6b'> more pics from that day will be posted. peace
  2. hey i have a idea!!! Why not start off this online battle crap with Simples. I'm not joking. I think kids should learn how to rock them first. Im looking at these letters and it doesn't seem to me that either of you can do something clean.simple.smooth..... Why not try it at least. then after come back here and kids will judge...after that try somethign a little more complex. peace
  3. If i hade to pick it wouldn't be the Teaser. ACTIVEROK at least did something a little different then the norm. that "K" from TEASER looked like a photo copy from other writers I will not mention. The TEASER outline really doesn't work. the "R" doesn't read well at all. the B real simple.. The "BRE" are at least the same height...but you start to loose it with the "A" and the "K" is like "WOW where Am I?" As for the ACTIVEROK "BREAK" I don't really care for this eitehr but at least it's better. I like the "B" and the "A" the best. it would be nice to see is closer. it's too small. I think this is the clear winner. now I'm not a judge but I've been in this game for a long time...hmm must likely before you were born. :):) Peace!
  4. Re: WHO WANTS SOME!!! *FART* come back with your shit not someone elses--also would be funny burning someone online *chuckle* *chuckle* that has no clue you put them out like that. go back jack. lol
  5. Thank god for cylce....thank god....the whole joint looks like ass. waht happen this year? is it that U.P. was going on? hmmmm pack it up. oh yeah my man MISE from Boston rocked something...anyone have flicks..... Go Cycle... IMOK Cru represent...... and monk nice that your style changed.... peace what-a-fucking-jerk!
  6. please tell me this is a JOKE!!!! Are you for real? What makes me laugh even more is that these jokers posted these photos...i would NOT show anyone these...BURN them flicks now damit! Run and hide.....duck and run for cover! Biter of the month goes tooooooooooooo
  7. The crew is off the hook. Those walls are bomb. as for ILLEGALS...... East has been in the graff game for so many years. Rocking Chi-Town back in the day (way back) with Trains walls and all that.. so he did his time. Now all you see are Legals. so what they are off the hook. Some of you wish you did half the shit he has. Skrybe when living in Boston didn't really paint....only a little. Until he moved to K.C. maybe because no one would give him the time and day in Boston. He was just starting out. I'm glad he moved to K.C. if he stayed living in Boston he would not be at the level he is now! Thanks to East and Gear. When he started he wasn't always about legals. but shit...you can't front on his skills now. Emit has been around for years rocking joints left and right... and i don't remember back in the day in IMOK kids talking shit.....hmmm NOPE! EMIT burning shit back then and no one saying jack. the same thing goes to SUB...c'mon now! if they where wack no one would say shit right? except "...I will burn them blah..blah...blah" now kids always have to talk shit about kids that would burn the fuck out of them...."Yo dawg! them dude's are wack..all they do is Legal bullshit.....man anyone can do that when they have all day to paint....." Some kids can only dream about doing the shit they are and have done over the years. Don't get me wrong. there are some LEGAL BEAGLES in my eyes and many others they suck. because without permission and magazines and now web sites would be nobody. HEY EAST....when the FUCK are you going to give my book back.... (hehehe)
  8. GES and KEM paint a lot. they have been for some time now! Trains in Italy...who fucking cares? They're from the States...besides Freights I have NEVER seen a train from them. I know a shit load of other writers that have painted trains overseas....the difference is that they paint trains here...and sometimes when they have nothing better to do they paint Freights...... I still can't believe that I have wasted this much time talking about these kids...... I don't have a problem with KEM shit I don't have a problem with GES...Not like GES would say shit to me....he will have TOTEM2 email me (AGAIN) to fight his battles "....Stop picking on my man.....He's fresh.....I will come up to Boston to fight you....." blah..blah...blah.... when I would see GES he would NOT say shit....but that's old news.... Those two kids can paint. they have rocked more walls then most writers. I don't care for Legal walls...yeah it's cool and fun to set up a BBQ and Radio and chill out with your crew...but It's not what I'm into....it's nice to see...but thats it. Some kids are scared to risk shit. Some kids don't rack paint. some kids would be shook if the police snatched them up. some kids are those kids. and that's that.
  9. hmm ok... Close this thread....you've been reading TRYBOL's post too much that his stupidity is rubbing off on you.
  10. I second that! CLOSE THIS THREAD!!! TRYBOL nice name....lol
  11. You sound like a clown sorry...and trust me I'm not one to say shit on a computer and not to someone face 2 face. So have a wonderful day Bitch!
  12. SHUT UP!!!! FR8's wow look out! those are hard to hit....Day and night..so the FUCK WHAT!
  13. Originally posted by IrAsOnE "......i seen ges do some hot stenciles," That's some funny shit!
  14. ok unless I'm really blind...which could be the case...where did i say they are not good? Point it out to me please...if not shut the fuck up..... Dont fucking cry that someone is cracking on them...
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