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Uncle Nasty

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  1. Y'all assume I'm a guy???? wrong!!:cool:
  2. http://www.manhatman.com
  3. I just dissed 3-D trains on another thread...boy do I feel like a chump. shit is dope.... arty but dope!
  4. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/1630/10367'> Is it just me or do all 3-D pieces look shitty on frieghts... I'm sure this dude could rock a wall good enough but....:confused: :confused: :confused:
  5. Heros in a half shell. turtle power!!!!:stretch:
  6. these fr8's aren't small, there regular size. THeat jerk fill rules
  7. I once got spooked and took off while hitttin a truck' stashed my bag in the bushes, and hid behind a building. 5 minutes later i had to piss so bad... well i pissed all over my bag and everything inside it...i'm suck:rolleyes: :heated: :spent:
  8. get a car...or a friend with one, and drive to Butfuck Nowhere and stii watch yer ass
  9. THat orphans shit was all over T.O. Amok id dope though iomi only paints with clogged tips.... otherwise its too easy
  10. watch out for satanic freight nazis all you white niggers?
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