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  1. huhwhyinn


    just wondering the kind of injuries some of you guys have experienced, cause a couple of days ago my friend double bounced me super high on a huge trampaline and I fricking flew off the thing and busted my wrist really bad, and got all kinds of cuts, it sucked at first but we ended up just laughing about it.:D
  2. huhwhyinn


  3. someone told me a couple nights ago that the word "doh" that homer says was just added to the dictionary this year, but i would add heebeejeebees.
  4. huhwhyinn


    speaking of jimmy cliff, i happend to see the last couple of minutes of his behind the music on VH1 a couple days ago, but right after his was bob marleys, check um out if you have the oppurtunity
  5. huhwhyinn


    i don't really feel the ragamuffin type of reggae, but am definatly down with the roots, and definatley down with the dub. barrington levy max romeo wailing souls johnny osborne mikey dread augustus pablo-good dub earl 16 junior murvin sugar minott thats all for now, but for all you hawaiian braddahs check out ktuh 90.3 on mondays, beast reggae with big bar starts at about 2:30. lordamurcy
  6. beaches in hawaii are most definatly winnaz for inspecting the behind of some local hunnys.
  7. whatever happend to jesse from mtv, braddah was a little sketchy.
  8. chee doggy for da fighting cock, as for da ladies, they can suck deez n-u-t-z, bess belidat, bizzach. You know how we doo, cock fighing croo.
  9. any of you braddahs caught the AF on the 6 oclock news
  10. eh, if can, try not fo' make nalo pilau, bumby i snap.
  11. fuck ningas, cocks can kick way harder then them and can fly. Shat i neva seen one ninja fly. Its bochi bochi with the asian invasion and the korean connection
  12. i think the best pigin phrase is "bu, I shit u not", my dad jams that one all the time.
  13. ooh, good stuff, if anybody has the "fuck lf" bomb in pearl city, post um
  14. forget watch ya heard, you know i bring da heat, gotta trow down fo' my k-town dawgs, boiiiizzzz.
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