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  1. www.texasgraffiti.com has about 10 billion flix from this eventwww.texasgraffiti.com
  2. yeah, usually people dont like it when you spraypaint your name and your friends names on their shit. i cant believe someone would run after anyone who does that stuff. i heard that they are actually trying to make it illegal.
  3. are you thinking of paying them? i have done stuff like give them fake associations, straight espo style. thats worked twice- tell them youre with E.S.P.O., a non-profit org. dont pay tho
  4. i know i know. i dont usually say "fuck", but honestly thats all i was trying to do. i was a kid, man.
  5. waste zero somber corpse eat kersiv rise above crew
  6. i know i've seen some odd stuff i cant remember, but this was the oddest thing ive done... i was trying to fuck this girl at a layup next to this venue, but it was so freezing cold. so we went inside an open railbox. it wasnt any warmer, but there was no wind and these huge cardboard airbag packing supplies. So it was WAY too cold to even think about using energy to fuck, and with no other reason else to be there really, i painted a living room inside of the boxcar. it had a fireplace w/ a mantel, a cheesy fleamarket style painting above it, a portrait of a grandma, a hatrack, and opposite the open door i visibly wrote, "you could be home by now." and i never got to fuck jennifer :cry2:
  7. DAP forever!!!! BUMP for my homeboy!!! this guy paints so many mf frieghts yall dont even know. by the 100's!!!true freight killer. also that curious piece says QRS whats up with that freezer spot?:huh2:
  8. hey listen up. i would just like everyone to know... good graffiti is now, and always will be, EXACTLY what i say it is... and this is good graffiti. :freak: anyone want to argue with me? cmon, what else are you gonna do? sit down silently at your computer!? BUMP for being interesting enough to make this a 7 page thread out of 12 flicks :spin:
  9. thanks for posting my piece. :king: i cant believe theres still much to be posted, even after these. :eek: did the interior of that place get buffed?:lick:
  10. maybe some things are lost when it actually has to read? in the US, it been the standard to really understand letters (tags to throw to straight letters) and then try the newness, i guess what you call "innovation" (this DOES need a definition...). I see the beauty in well-formed letters, and then even more with letters blossoms into true wildstyles. in architecture, theres a saying "form follows function". i dont believe this, bc i see both form and function are equally important, and subject to high standards as seperates. a pieces' function is to read a word, right? a lot of these pieces dont "function" to me... anyhoo, hope this makes any difference somewhere.
  11. so it sounds like you guys really know each other. grey meet socialdancer at officedepot on his lunch break. man what a waste of a computer.
  12. i like SOME parts, including: being displaced is no excuse for being a "yuppie" you had all these "found" objects and then put them on a store-bought canvas?... maybe like a piece of cardboard or something also found would have worked. or did you not use a canvas? *just suggestion*
  13. i prefer the older bates work. at least i did when i saw it way back when.
  14. i like bombing and productions more, but i do paint more freights. gettin off on technicalites :scramble:
  15. the second flik looks like baseball stitches across his forehead. how do YALL paint?! :dazed:
  16. check this out, i am doing a mural for a NY pizza joint, its an NY skyline, with some landmarks. on the monday night before the attack, i did most of the highlights, but left off ONLY the WTC, because i didnt have the cap i wanted. tuesday of course was the attack. long story short, it was freaky.
  17. your right, everything you just said makes sense, and i agree, and it all is beneficial to everyone, i can agree to all that. maybe its just a grudge that i have against non-realistic 3ds. so thanks for not taking it personal, it sounds like conz is the coolest guy in your area and the surrounding states, much respect, maybe one day i will be "blessed to paint with him", and we can all go out for ice cream after. just tell him chill with the 3ds. just kidding
  18. its in deep ellum on elm, go past ace and its on the right, the old bank bldg with all the buff spots. any dallas people hit me up, email riseabove214@yahoo.com
  19. believe it or not (!) it still doesnt appeal to me. the piece still says nothing new to me, and it doesnt look 3-dimensional or real. but if you think his other work is better, post it! and putting that piece next to totem, just shows the lack of quality- it doesnt make him better just bc whoever painted next to him is a badass! thats a dumb idea. believe me, i have painted next to people that made me look really stupid, and the likewise. this is my formula for judging 3d pieces- if you can imagine a 3d piece, and put the letters into a DOPE panel style, then its a DOPE 3d piece. just my opinion, so do whatever you want
  20. lets stop cocktail hour and post some FLICKS!!
  21. i have seen many tanks (whatever they are) roll through here, not just recently but everytime i go to this spot. i dont think its time for war bc theres tanks rolling
  22. maybe you should post some of his awesome old-school work so we will know! i would rather see that anyway i would say its a bite of a stack of bricks or a cardboard box before daim. but it does have less realistic shadows, so maybe its some new 3d substance that can reflect and replace light where it pleases, but still remain a solid brown. i cant tell these days
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