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  1. Kansas City Kunts Kant Read... Yeah bitch paint legals and frieghts all yer life and feel mature and big come to sf acn get your kunt busted out i'm a muther fucking hater fo shizzi .I'm from the harsh reality gan you big time nobody...Hey heard you toys lost your leagal wall to chip visi and next ...and as far as you rockin a saber piece..its like this...he never heard of you. I got faded with that fool about 10 minutes ago! wait there was one more thing i wanted to ask...Who are you again...oh yeah nobody
  2. GOOD WORD...thanks for hitting me up I love it when people do my name for me...it makes me feel, I dont't know... so...jock'd...yeah so thanks for Jocking my word. And thats my Word and my WORD is THE HARSH REALITY on the subject...shoutie to NEWS Uno seven Tres for the heads up on this matter...and until you have Mister Johnny Cash tattoo'd into your fucking blood, into your body, for fuckin life...don't bother hopping on any band wagons by hitting mim up....I'm Born to be a roughneck', I'll never amount to nuthin...
  3. stop already it was okay when you posted flicks- a cop bring somthing to the table is one thing crap flicks is another thing-


    Hey douche bag California dreamin?...Thats nevada high roller. Interstate investigative unit.
  5. Hissy Fit, Gimme a roll call FLUF: Pez Orfn...?
  6. Yo I heard about this fool from the Yay who'd fight and drink but couldnt holle 'nor pop'a coller when "E-Phzzsical" steped up back stage - Oh schnap did I just say that.


    Wow - your really assed out - terrific!
  8. Mama's Resturant To many times I have admired people and found they just didnt live up to my expectations. She so exceeded them. Thanks for dinner.
  9. You even made this section a Cop movie LA Confidential
  10. Bull shit you are queer, a real boner. If your a 'writer you'll understand that I mena those in the literal manner. Graff mag my ass..Oh wait your a writer for a graff mag lets all send in evidence to the address you provide. And mabey set up a few interviews - re-register - try again. game over DUT DETH Whut Whut
  11. plus I heard all the graffiti in LA is done by the Hasidic Jews...its true they have some ill tag banging crews from down around melrose. its the ltest rage in Graffiti these days in "2002" black hat Bombin!
  12. Hey Cop/buffer hero do five minutes of research nobody talks like this "Throw-ups everywhere. Tags everywhere. Pieces here and there. And every other pole was or bus stop was not safe from a mean streak or a sticker. What the hell happened this year?" please...
  13. FLUF enough...Whut Whut. PEZ put me on.
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