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  1. its crazy to see a peice that was done solo in 2003 now an e2e....the train was spotless now there is so much life and travel to it
  2. Perverted Monks in Tha House!
  3. i finally got mine.. i would not flick that either, 2000 was a bad year
  4. only philly people...nah. you would swear i was from philly the amount i use that shit. i explain it as jawn is THE general noun for anything
  5. its always a shame to hear when a writer passes. this dude had the best hand in the city and every time i leave my house i enjoy seeing depte tags because they stand out so much. i admire his heart too, dude was up and had repeat stains on many spots. i have never been to a city in the world that is so hard to get shit to run and have rep. this dude had both as i see it. RIP TO ONE OF CHICAGOS HARDEST STREET BOMBERS
  6. yo, seriously i cant even listen to Knights In White Satin at all anymore with out my eyes welling up. propers for that segment eulogy. i must have watched it 40 times at this point. NACEO forever
  7. this is really sad to hear, we hung alot years ago.stayed at his house a grip. he still came up in conversation time to time because of his crazy antics. my thoughs and prayers go out to soz and rage.


    ive been driving alot, painting, you know.....DEFINATLY FRESH....BURBANK!!!!
  9. NACE is pretty much my name on transit now. i think about it alot. D ont Forget the very least i can do. i feel i should have more tributes out there too but transit is what counts.
  10. the new comercials are NOT by reas or his design company, its a design team of a few people and there is two writers part of it. they pay well too
  11. yeah with a2m kids he has never painted with too
  12. seaz holding on with krylon
  13. http://www.snakepitdenver.com/graff/map02.jpg'> quite obviously its time for a crew vote to bump sub and skribe out of the spot for doing the characters on productions. i gotta have one of them near my shit next time we paint!
  14. i like that lewis throw alot. one of the few painted things that has made me think "thats really fresh" in a while

    sub_scribe df

    god damn! the two best at characters in my eyes DF!
  17. your not going to be happy until i rob you huh, dont post my shit local toy.
  18. there is a nace i did in there and im NOT in mayhem...bump for naceo
  19. that says size?? post the heavy side of the train
  20. i wish the fuck i could even read what that mess is, so i could "view and cover" in the future
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