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  1. this one has been gone for a minute...
  2. oh imok the sox won last nigh,but im missing you.
  3. RIP bro, NY wont be the same without you...
  4. Re: People in NYC - please help today!! of course this came up in the search. stay safe europe but do the damn thing Riot-the unbeatable high! Riot-shoots your nerves to the sky! tomorow your homeless, tonight its a blast!
  5. Re: R.I.P. NACE DF naceo Defined Fresh 2007th
  6. man that spot used to be a joke...
  7. Re: Winter Jackets canada goose just did that jawn with ALIFE, like 800.00 for that. i dont fuck with the bulky shit or the fur. arcteryx, cp company, millet and a 90s steep tech only.

    Ghost .

    they been out for a minute for all you not in the know... http://cgi.ebay.com/Ltd-edition-Osiris-Ghost-Skate-Shoe_W0QQitemZ160046960170QQihZ006QQcategoryZ1262QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. stlye and spot wise horfe cant be beat in the paris streets.... propers to the paris conection...a VERY well deserved thread


    Re: AOK/RIS hence? wow ven is kingly
  11. that ven is one of the coolest things i have seen in this forum in a long time... baez i see you too homie!
  12. Re: R.I.P. NACE DF 5years. i will never forget being in that hospital in that room knowing why we were in that room. i think about it often. my convictions about drinking and contempt for driving drunk seem to grow still to this day and im an old man. my thoughts to your family and your close friends who have not forgot about the king who we were lucky enough to call a friend... RIP KING NACE DF
  14. nmph is good , style wise he definatly has this city on lock...
  15. mad destruction raaaaaah!
  16. legends never die... king nace 2006th
  17. What can they say? usually something like..."hey faggot you went over my shit!"... followed by flying bricks and foot to head trauma. And or all your shit getting took out. This is philly, that shit don't fly. We have a kazzillion buffed walls to hit why would you go out of your way to take someone elses shit out and not expect consequences? That peices over straightletters shit is for places like NY that have practically no space left to write. Shit, some heads get pissed if you go over their hands. (this is in genneral, I aint refering to Reno or Amose or that chillspot) Quoted post [/b] this FOR SURE is on point. fools in RI dont get it either!!!!
  18. lennydykstra bringing back philly memories. spent alota time painting and flicking them same walls with baez and some other PF cats in the late 90s. alot of dope peices(jesc, forget about it) and shit was crushed harder then anywhere. still to this day i have not seen anyplace shit on more then some areas there in that time.
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