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bastard ideals..........?

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  1. send your stuff to consolidated and see what happens you never know
  2. feeling the streaks and that dime sick post!
  3. stain wisk seems i always catch a wisk when im out sick post
  4. kero every fucking time ikso diet sick post!! got any more?
  5. diar expert elk its a shame about that mink though
  6. mpulse debt felon broke worms all sick also bump for your vinyl find!
  7. i drove around for an hour looking for that legal wall and when i got there, nothing good. it was nice to see the layers of history though. oh yeah, sasquatch and cobra both good
  8. dose one and pedestrian!! well, all the anticon crew buck 65 and sixtoo shingo02 i personaly like scarab, also beat wise- anticon again controller 7, odd nosdom, jel also, fat john the ample soul physician is good dj wise- the usual=dibbs, q-bert, cut chemist, craze also kid kowala and swamp for doing something different(although swamp should just stick with scratching)
  9. wow...that vizie is, uh, good, yeah sick post lovin the streaks
  10. slej strut kem sento fokis blis myth sick fucking post!! more
  11. everything owned or dealing with the government is fair game. same goes for huge corporations. anything that is independently owned like, stores, houses, cars, etc. should be left alone (unless the owner is cool with it or it adds to the ambiance, you know what i mean) churches and cemetaries are a definate no in my book. also, i think other peoples street art, not other graffiti, should be left alone. i've seen many a community mural with shitty-ass tags and throwies over it. but when you go over or cross them out, they get a tissy-fit. just use your best judgement, that's all.
  12. everytime my roomates come home they said they would lower my rent if they didn't have to see me with my pants around my ankles. wait. what is this poll for??
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