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  1. Fuck yeah that Hefs and Hum wall is off the hizzle!
  2. They do that over on the continent too, I can't remember where exactly but if I remember correctly there was an article on it in Bomber a few years back...it's just a matter of peeling it off before painting.
  3. OZEK

    uk wall flixs

    not sure how recent that thing is got it out of the location 12 archives Quoted post [/b] That's from 2002 if I remember correctly.
  4. OZEK

    uk wall flixs

    Those Astro's are killing it!
  5. Give me a couple of weeks and I'll have a dna sample and some fingerprints from the photo. It is being treated as suspicious although we can not rule out suicide.
  6. maybe this will clear it up? Looks like naimo to me.
  7. It's all about that Remix...
  8. I don't see anything hillarious about the amount of our hard earnt tax money is spent on cleaning up the mess these kids make. :haha: Saying that the face is quite suitable here on the :haha: ker thread...
  9. No I don't think those flicks will reach the intraweb, but yes that is a damn nice panel!
  10. OZEK


    Wow, really loving those! Not really been much of a gradient or mesh man myself but damnit I might to start using it after seeing that! Really loving the detail!
  11. Found this on some thread in the ukhh forum...
  12. The amount of posts he's got with just that smiley is quite funny.
  13. OZEK

    On my travels

    Whats that tag on the right on the K? Looks like it ends in a **zek...
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