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  1. Dope Computer Rock.... Alot of Nice Stuff....the Soft Styles, as well... A few need to go back to the drawing board, but overall, fresh!!!
  2. "The King of what....?" Stttttyyyyyyleeeee!
  3. How you going to post these in "Style AND Burners" ? These are simple styles...too much stuff in here that does not belong- I can post handstyles that are straight fire and are better then some of the stuff posted on here as BURNERS.... wake up and smell the coffee kiddo....
  4. The reason graffiti today is so frustrating is, you hear kids big upping some colorful bullshit with no letter structure, and no refference or history....NO SOUL, however only a handful will realize why the MIN, Mare, etc....are off the chain -Kids, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!.....your parents were right all these years... 12oz can be a useful source, but dont mistaken it for a History Book, or think you can learn the ropes here.... --just a few thoughts for those who care.... Peace
  5. Props for smashing....shows heart but the styles need work....seems they dont concentrate on style
  6. You might want to hide that face...just a suggestion --And, you should do some more homework, cause all those names are taken
  7. I wish he just handed over the paint so it could have gone to good use....instead of that bullshit
  8. that brisk is fire....the dize is cool...
  9. I'd love too see some foundation like this nowadays....not the bullshit u see today most of these are straight fire...thumbs up!
  10. "i dont think if you have seen SEENs photos makes you beeing a better writers learnig the history of graff doesnt make you a better writer.thats a poor excuse " -This mentality is the reason why there are so many dodoo writers these days... don't waste your time, go find another hobby, just like near 99% of the people who post in here.....art with an urban twist, but has no soul, or substance.....show your girlfriend that new oversprayed stencil and you want to be down... "I'm down by law, these niggahs still don't understand"...
  11. anyone in the wisconsin area pm me....
  12. wheres the UW wall....last I heard they were painting 112 1/2 hours straight w/out sleep
  13. don't take this the wrong way, but the impression I get looking at your work is you were into art more than graffiti and understanding of the letter ...but now you have began understanding what graffiti, the letter, and foundation are.... and it is very refreshing to see those "technical letters" or 3d or whatever they may be labeled might be stunning as art, but it doesn't say alot....those pieces your spitting now do.... again, keep it going, nice work
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