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  1. That HM wall is sooo sick. It's good to see all those dudes on a wall together again.
  2. Apostle, Do you have photos of the other 2 pieces on that Causr/afex hopper?
  3. Mutha fucking crum. Fatso samo and kaput also turned the crank.
  4. Holy shit, Jim Duggan shoot me an email. I think you can figure out who I am, I sent you alot of those Canadian Fliks. And those unknowns are as follows, Dluks, Don't quote me on this but I think it's an alius of a BA member. THen Clok from Montreal, Meats and I'm not sure who the first peice on the auto rack is but the second is cars. It would be good to hear from you.
  5. Yeah cuz that style is really original anyway. I used to like tbk stuff until I heard them talk. It's too bad when graffiti goes to peoples heads. Nice thread boss!! Keep rocking.
  6. I knew all the hours I've spent on here would pay off. Sold post!! Keep em coming.
  7. I love this guys stuff, quality, quantity and a whole lot more. I -emailed you a couple weeks back, get at me daaawg.
  8. I understand yer high and don't remeber shit, but do you have any info on the afex?
  9. hahaha, and how many trains do you have?? Jk. Anyhow dope post. That Phonograff is dope. It's cool to see how he's progressed over the years.
  10. Kaput, samo, mazer and god dammm virus is back in full force!!
  11. Other, take, too bad about that reset streak. Also STEl!!! Tsl.
  12. Freightos!! Rove and theory. I caught that boxstars not too long ago, shits hot in person.
  13. Please don't write your area code on freights!^^^^ Anyhow this post rocks. Bump for pesto, the serpernt. And of course hm always comes correct. Still waiting on that ewok with the pink gue on it to roll my way:( , while yer at it send that much and geso over!!!!! Looks like a hell of a spot you found there!!
  14. Nice post. I've caught that unfinished ewok much a few times. The ewok got capped by some toy shit in my area. If you look he went over a Bear peice (if you wanna call it that) on it, so bear went over him again. I dunno, burners over throw ups I say, I hope ewok catches it and retaliates because bear has no business fucking with ewok.
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