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  1. This thread is fucking immaculate. Freight train tic tac toe makes me scream out loud and scratch my head in ecstatic disbelief! Other gives my brain a hard on. shitshitshit. ------------------------------------------------------------- "jesus rode in a grain hopper. he wrote with sakuras." "In hard times, it is said that Jesus would convert his own blood into cheap wine in order to warm his near-freezing hobo companions..."
  2. rewire

    Gay writers?

    sorry if I broke the chain of thought here, ladies... Human beings infuriate me.
  3. rewire

    Gay writers?

    ...when's the last time you saw a cow driving a car? Or writing graff, for that matter? Humans are either an extension of nature or separate from it, depending on your beliefs, and either way anything we do is either natural or exempt from natural law. blahblahblah. I just hate it when people use ridiculous comparisons and deeply flawed logic to try and prove points not even worth proving...
  4. shiznitz da biznitz doggy doo!
  5. If you could transcribe what the sek signs say... ...I'd appreciate it.
  6. my goodness that's stimulating... rewire ------------------- Rated Arrrrrrrrr.
  7. form someone in the kno ahem... ZYAR writes BYCH now and wins bra-n-panty contests at the local redneck bar. Har_Har.
  8. Re: taiko? SC last time I checked. ARS Always Reckin Shit!
  9. I'm more inspired every time I see your work... Wordswontwork...
  10. smashed up Teevees! yarghhh!
  11. Florida is a pistol aimed directly at the deep south.
  12. rewire

    wack stlyed kings

    What's the running opinion on those who sit around fantasizing about women they will probably never touch or see, then typing their names like tragic incantations on internet message boards full of other men? And those who like women with small breasts? Are they considered closet homosexuals or just closet pedophiles nowadays?
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