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  1. handstyles .. art work wanted for underground hip hop site.. send jpeg of a logo for these guys @ STR8DROP.COM EMAIL DJROMY30@STR8DROP.COM
  2. get OVIE to re-chip his tooth .lol that would be the NAS we want
  3. GES iz FRESH.tuff post fa sho
  4. high rated post here . more like this one would be a BONUS
  5. fall back with the 12 oz prophecies please
  6. just like sex wit no rubber..................RAW!!
  7. Good tribute.. I remember when the kid got his first griffin stains on his school clothes. A young lad playing the sandbox on the Queensborough Plaza train platform. "What you write", said (at the time DrSeus). "*@#1",said *@#1. Blazay blah blah ,into the game he charged full speed reppin to the fullest with DROCH ,CLYSM,SENSE onto SCANT and the rest of the crew.. Until the misfortunate night in the village . R.I.P. SEUS RTD YOU STILL LIVE DUDE
  8. this is the illest shit ive seen in while . tuff city !! http://www.nothingbutfreights.com/e2e-wholecars/biterbegre2e.jpg'>
  9. COPS: GRAFFITI KING BACK Infamous tagger's 'DESA' moniker spotted New York Daily News; New York, N.Y.; Jan 14, 2002; PETE DONOHUE DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER; In the last several weeks, DESA, the moniker used in the past decade by Robert xxxxxxx, was spotted scrawled at "some street locations and subway locations" in his old haunts, such as Ridgewood, Maspeth and Glendale in Queens, said Lt. Steve Mona, commanding officer of the police Transit Bureau's vandal squad. get all of em you can . dude wont be catchin wreck for a while .keep em up ! PROPS
  11. Interesting.. from out west maybe ?
  12. warning http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/dos2hs/the%20prophet.jpg'>
  13. Face your bill with the face in front of you holding it in both hands .. Fold the bill towards yourself the long way , turn it around the long way so that you can read where it says TWENTY DOLLARS . Now fold it as if you were going to make an air plane .After those first two folds you will have something in your hands shaped like an arrow pointing upward . Rotate it vertically and you will see . !
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