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2 inch comp shoes

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  1. yea thy're back...i like the dest & the phem! Those phem pieces always look like you could peel them right off the car! nice post bump
  2. i wanted to put in my vote but no pictures are coming up oh well
  3. i don't really dig that stuff...lacks skill
  4. AMEN FEMME!!! you said it well girl! I know most guys on here are like that so i'm glad you said that. Being a guy in graf I see that ladies actually have MORE obsticles to overcome in graf than most the guys so I always try to give the ladies respect! YOU especially! I drove through KC a couple summers ago and you were up! You, Tek, & Mpulse had these HUGE roller pieces. The biggest shit I saw out there and then I met Stun that summer and he showed me more of your stuff, other than the legal wall in St.Louis. He showed me bombs, legals, ilegals, tags, canvases, characters, and fr8s you've done. I'm one of those idiots who didn't realize fem was a girl til I was told. I was SHOCKED!Girl...you're fresh and deserve a hell of a lot more respect!! You have an original style and you sound like you have a great mentality to so with all the hating you hear, I just wanted to say: I think you're dope!!!
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